NEWS FLASH! Tebow Traded to Tiger-Cats

[b]Tebow Traded to CFL Tiger-Cats[/b]

(New York) In a unprecedented intra-league trade, N.Y. Jets QB Tim Tebow has been dealt to the CFL's Tiger-Cat franchise in Hamilton, Canada.

Terms of the deal have not been officially released but it's believed 6' 6" - 320 lb. offensive lineman Jason Jiminez and cash are heading to the Jets in return.

"We are ecstatic to get a player of Tim Tebow's quality for our team", beamed Ticat general manager Robert O'Billovich, "we hate to lose a quality guy like Jason, but this move will solidify our QB situation for years to come."

Tebow was initially stunned by the trade but stated, "God works in mysterious ways, I guess he has a plan for me and that's playing QB in Canada".

The next hurdle for the Ticats is signing Tebow to a CFL contract, where teams operate under a $4.5 million salary cap.

Tebow currently has a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with the Jets. "Not a problem", said O'Billovich. "We'll make room under our salary cap and Tim will start off as the No. 3 QB in our system. He'll have to work he was up to being the starter like any other prospect."

While trades between the two football leagues are unusual, it is not totally unprecedented. QB Joe Kapp was traded from the CFL's B.C. Lions to the Minnesota Vikings years ago, and led the Vikings to the NFL championship game.

Not even slightly believable.


the fact that you can't have inter-league trades, that was a dead giveaway.

you could have done much better..

nice try

Even though it's an April fools joke on the News Flash....but none the less. : scroll down

One of the very few; Joe Kapp/Jim Young trade? .. with conditions went down as was Quoted in the Opening Post. :cowboy:

Joe Kapp is better known now as Joe "Lights Out" Kapp.

Yep, I agree this one was a little on the weak side. On sober second thought, I should have broke the story about Rogers abandoning the NFL to buy the Argos, "if you can't beat them, join 'em". Oh well, there's always next April! :wink:

Another satiric take on Tebow- one that I (even as a Baptist!) enjoyed thoroughly.

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...The Onion is IMO the best on sports satire...the last line there was priceless

this tebow thing is getting worse then the expansion threads.

I thought I saw Tebow walking across Lake Ontario!!!!