News conference at 9:30 a.m. re BC Place; Retractable Roof a

News conference at 9:30 a.m. re BC Place; Retractable Roof approved at a cost of Half a Billion dollars.

more to come...

Too be honest with you morningdew, we should have that retractable roof worked on ages ago , Instead of getting the approval now. I really hate politics. We had the owners of the lions that wanted to purchase the DOME and the govt turn him down. We have the Whitecap's owner who was offering to use his own money to build a staduim at the waterfront only to fight through red tape and more politics.

Its such a shame that stadium plan failed. Having a smaller stadium ala Montreal, but with killer views of the mountains would have been great.

.... And costing taxpayers nothing sounded like a pretty good idea too. Shame.

Its good that its happening as BC Place isn't going anywhere and really needs some money invested in it at last.
Still... I can't help but think the proposed Evergreen Line is $8M less than a roof.

We're a country of hypocrites!

We **** and moan when public money is going into sporting facilities, and yet when someone wants to use his own money, on what was his own land, the city drags their feet. It's bizzare and frustrating.

I'll be nice to see BC place with all the new upgrades, but it's comical that the new roof will be completed after the olympics. Could they not have just come up front and just add it to the initial budget and then have it done for 2010?