Newman retires

Hey, if there's a Brock Ralph angle, I'll be there. :smiley:

:lol: Still peddling him...

Give Obie a call.He'd probably be willing to deal you Carlson for an Import DB, WR, KR or Dales.

well if this is true about Newman I think the stamps will be better on the O line, watching him last year he was a weak, they would go through him easily to get to Burris , time after time, sorry to have to say that, but it was apparent that he could not handle the CFL level and he was over weight as well and very slow

It is true. It's been widely reported and Hufnagel has been quoted saying Newman's retired. There's no "if" to this story.

i have a feeling im going to be lacking bragging rights of any sort this year... good thing the peg is going to suck as well.

well i dont know if we will suck... we wont know anything about how we will do until the season gets going...

but i will say we are miles ahead of you on the oline front.. deepest pool weve had in some time... a few of our canucks are unproven, but we still have the returnee's that allowed the fewest sacks last year, plus a new beast by the name of kelly butler, that the whole league will be quite familiar with very soon

...good article by Alan Cameron concerning the rash of recent stamp retirees...

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Wow, Sheridan reported at 383 pounds? Sounds like he's real serious about mounting a comeback. He probably needs two trainers, a mirror and a jar of vaseline just to get his cleats on.....

....I know, oink oink...apparently Sheridan didn't get the same team memo that Labinjo got, he being the guy that shed 30 pounds

i find it hard to believe that Sheridan weighed in at 383 pounds...

...and yet there he is, and sitting out camp today with an undisclosed injury...probably acid-reflux...

Is it possible that someone transposed a number. The Stamps website lists him as 338.

the minute he showed up at camp at 380 plus pound he should have been turned around.

I think that's the number that got transposed. According to the article, Huffer wouldn't answer if 383 was his real weight, but he didn't deny it either, which says all that needs saying.

Maybe that's why Comiskey and Newman retired - Calgary needed their two jerseys to sew together for Sheridan.

Can you imagine? "Hey coach, who's the new guy...number 6258...?"