Newman retires

according to CFLdaily on Twitter, Stamps OL Jesse Newman is going to retire.

Something weird is going on in Calgary...

its cuz they hired lyle bauer so their football side of things is gonna go to crap.. you'll see. poor hank.. no newman or tsoumpas?

unless this is just the cfl and people retire all the team b4 camp and then come back when the season starts. hard to say.

ralph,comiskey,neman all retiring tho.. seems odd.

personal reasons? hmmm.. hufnagel is a douche?

Except Bauer has nothing to do with the football side of the Stamps.

This is the 7th off-season retirement for the Stamps. I agree with HfxTC... something seems off in Calgary.

ya that you know of. just sayin. he wasnt supposed to have anything to do with our football ops too but seemed to be the guy who hired mike kelly.

In Winnipeg he was the top guy with both football and administrative staff reporting to him. In Calgary his job is exclusively business side. Hufnagel is top guy on the football side.

Besides, IIRC some of the retirements began before Bauer was hired.

hufnagel must be a douche then.

Calgary's in a tail spin at the moment, they can't keep taking losses like this and also can't keep releasing vets left right and centre.That's the quickest way to become the Ticat's of the 2000's.

they do have henry burris, reynolds and a pretty solid receiving group but... that oline is gonna be a struggle.

We saw in 2007 in Montreal that a struggling o-line can negate even the best QBs.

not a Calgary fan BUT John is a very good coach and manager. If I owned a team he would be my choice today

Wow, you have to wonder if this isn't all related to Barker and Cope leaving.

I love all the speculation from Winnipeg fans... :lol:

Retirement at 25 in the CFL can mean just about anything. From creating roster space to evaluate a player, to taking a couple months off to deal with an issue or to use a year off to get out of a contract.

HfxTC is a Bomber fan? Woo hoo! He's been converted... come to his senses. :wink:

Seriously, Chief, when was the last time you can recall 7 players retiring from one team in an off-season? Add to that the fact that a number have been surprise retirements and retirements by players who aren't old.

When you factor defecting free agents, unsigned guys like Teyo Johnson and the retirement your looking at half the team.
Never seen that ever.

Just ignore Chief, I've come to see his posts as bad spam :slight_smile:

Wow. That team has been destroyed this off-season. That O-line alone has lost 4 Non-Imports.
Hank will be running for his life...
What's with the water in cow-town?

Newman was a promising guy, him Tsoumpas leaving is a massive blow.

Actually, I was referring to you, Killer, and Piggy. :lol:

....well here's one from papa.......With a lot of holes to fill, in short order...i'll speculate that Huffer is burning up the wires with a lot of.. 'let's make a deal' on his mind... :wink: :lol: stumps are/ will be in scambling mode , especially Henry :wink:, that one hurts, leaving the o-line a little more than stretched and caught everyone by surprise....definately a concern right now in stampcamp... :?

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