Newman, Gore, Lambala, Foley?

Recent changes are already looking good. The new additions (above) can only improve them even more. Maybe we WILL see a comeback of historic proportions(?). All we need now is for Jacques to begin thinking outside the box of low repertoire, and dream up some plays that surprise us all.

how about......the qb drops back into a deep shotgun and quick punts the ball while the slots remain onside to try to recover the ball, on first down :slight_smile: :wink:

that'll work.

Is Foley back with the team? I thought he was a practice roster player for the jets!!

Has been released by the Jets,from their practice roster, yesterday. He is a free agent and,apparently, he will go to BC or Toronto.


You're bang on Richard, my guess Foley is Argo bound.

To be honest I was quite surprised that Lumbala was invited to a NFL team. Besides special teams did he even play much for BC. As a season ticket holder I just remember a few runs out of the I and pro set. That's it!

Yeah, I was surprised by that too. He was great on special teams and good for short yardage situations, and as a blocker; he's also a good size (6'2" 238 lbs). Can't hurt to have him around. I'm just curious why they went after Gore - wonder if there are some receiving concerns (?). McGrath & Newman will be a huge help to the OLine; LaRose is looking good as a D-Back (great gran from Edmonton).

Thank you for the update Richard. We'll find out next week if Wally can bring Foley in.

BC isn't exactly deep at quality Canadian receivers. We've got Jackson starting and Wilson in on many sets, but who else to back them up? Only Akeem Foster at WR from what I can see as a potential up-and-comer.

Jamal Lee and Andrew Harris are potential hybrid RB/SB types but I haven't seen much success in BC with Lee yet in that sort of role rather than trying to get him some rep's in a true tailback spot.

They also believe Gore was the best receiver available. They almost took him 4th overall. Ever since E-camp Buono was really high on Gore.

Re Rob Sawatsky's comment about Jamal Lee and Andrew Harris: What's the deal with them anyhow? These guys are practically invisible! After all the pre-season touting of these guys - where's the beef? I can only remember 2 plays Lee's actually been given the ball, and a couple short passes. I see Harris back for kickoffs, but he's obviously not expected to run them back, cause he never does.

The reason for them being "invisable" as you put it is after Jamal Robertson was brought in they were transitioned to FB's and primarilly Lee has been used more in that roll than Harris and they have both been utilized as blockers on special teams