Newly designed jerseys. What do you think?

These are really well done fan-designed jerseys using the Nike templates. Scroll down the pages and wait for the image to load. Pretty impressive!

[url=] ... r-the-cfl/[/url]

pre-ordered mine today, $183, got a free hat of my choice for pre-ordering (let my friend have his pick cuz I already have 3).Since I seem to have a bad thing going with current player jerseys as of late (Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Quinton Porter, Stevie Baggs) I figured this time i'll go with my all time favourite CFLer, Danny McManus.Can't wait to see what they look like :thup:

The link posted has removed the Tiger-Cats jersey. Would have liked to have seen it. If McManus is a bum than I'm an A#%# fan.

Scroll down a bit and you can see it.

Keep in mind these are unofficial fan designs. Somebody just having fun.

A look inside Ivor Wynne Stadium

Tiger-Cats equipment manager Drew Strohschein takes us on a tour of the bowels of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

There is a Stala Jersey in the equipment room thats black on black. Looks cool !!

Oops, I guess I should have quoted 15_championships in my (now removed) post. Bad message board form on my part.

What I meant was: The "15_championships jersey curse" wasn't going to be broken by picking a former player, because Danny is still with the team in a scouting role. So now his abilities to scout will be cursed.

(I don't actually believe in curses)

Also: Just got this (from Twitter):

[url=] ... s-for-2012[/url]

We're getting close !!

I like the phrase "re-engineered jerseys". What, do you need an engineering degree to be able to design a "re-engineered jersey"? :wink: I always thought it was just something along the lines of "new jerseys", something like that. :wink:

They do look cool though will admit.

What? Plain black Jersey's?! Also when did a question mark become a valid number? How the heck can you report to the ref. What's he going to say "Question Mark is reporting as an eligible receiver. :wink:

I saw a promotional video from the Blue Team that said that their big unveiling ceremony/press conference is going to happen on May 1. Maybe ours will be that day too? I'm pumped!

Yup, those are the new reebok jerseys.

Here's Saskatchewan's

Love the purple, exactly the color I think when I think Saskatchewan.

Actually, I just realized something. They don't appear to be selling an alternate jersey, hmm.

And the old Rider symbol has been replaced by a question mark. Is that because of their new inexperienced head coach or just general uncertainty about the team???

Changing name from replica to premier does not give me the warm and Fuzzies. Price seems ridiculous for a replica jersey, they've increased prices from 125.00 to 185.00 roughly. These things better be incredible. Selling clothing with question marks is pretty dubious business practice IMO.

Reebok says that the new pre-labelled jerseys will have the player's name and number are sewn on, instead of silk-screened. So to me, that means the $109.99 premier jersey will come complete with numbers that won't disintegrate in the wash.

Just speculating though.

The jerseys will be of higher quality, hence the higher price

All CFL jerseys will be unveiled on May 1, just to clarify.

I wonder if they will offer their ugly Zigtec sneakers in team colours too.