Newish American Fan, TV question!

Hey guys, I'm an Alouettes fan from New York. This year a lot of people I knew who were forced out by the AFL suspension moved up north to play in the CFL so I have been wanting to get into the league more. Since a player I have known personally for years, Billy Parker, is on Montreal, and a player I formerly saw in the AFL Jerald Brown, is too, Montreal is my team. <that was a bad sentence sorry

Basically the huge TV chart the CFL has is making my eyes melt so is there any way to know very simply what games will be played and re-played on my American TV stations? I'm willing to watch any CFL game, live or not, since I just want to learn the game better.

So can anyone help me, I get SNY, MSG, VS, and all other national sports TV stations. Where can I see some CFL?


MSG Plus simulcasts the TSN feed on Friday nights. Log on the MSG website and click on the Television bar. Then, scroll down to “MSG PLUS” and click on it and it will send you to the TV schedule for MSG plus. Pick the date you want and I’m sure you’ll find the games you want. Or, if you are in the New York City area, like I am, just pick up a copy of either the NY Post or NY Daily News and look in the back pages of them. That where the TV listings are placed. I hope the helps. Take care and welcome to CFL Fandom


Am I missing something or does this chart not list the replays?

And what's this American One channel?

ESPN 360 carries the games on TSN with a minor tape delay, (a few hours to a day at most). Comcast here in Chicago carries the CFL, but their delay is considerable, and the CFL is usually relegated to empty "sports" time slots (late evening or really early mornings on weeknights). I'm not sure if Comcast Sportsnet is available in NYC (I know they're in Boston).

Finding the CFL on TV in the USA can be tricky.
I suggest listening to the teams' radio broadcasts via live streaming...



Blue Bombers





Tiger-Cats :rockin:

If you listen to games on radio, and you have Sirius, all of the games are broadcast of channels 97 and 98. Or, if you know anyone in Canada, buy a slingbox and send it to them.

If you search around through some of the other threads on CFL on US TV, the answers you need are probably already posted.

I figured out how to find the weekly games on MSG, but unfortunately I believe I used to have an America One channel. I remember flipping through the HD channels on my iO and watching some CFL on the A1 channel, unfortunately that is no longer on my TV. I remember them dropping a bunch of channels and I'm sure that was one of them. They had the CFL on constantly. Damn timing for this type of thing is never good, lol. Those games looked great in HD.

My conclusion is that MSG is the only place to see games and they never replay them like A1 or a few other stations I had did.

Why doesn't the CFL sign a deal with Versus? Seems like the perfect network for them.

The TSN web site streams the games a couple of hours after they are finished if you happen to miss one and don't mind the delay.

Yeah it's just the quality of a TV broadcast that I'm looking for. Online is ok since I can connect it to my tv, but they don't have widescreen online and the quality isn't great. Obviously for free ya can't truly complain but that's all I was looking for TV wise.

Im sure the CFL would love a deal with Versus for now I think the only game they show is the Grey Cup, if not mistaken they showed the Grey Cup in the US last year.

Not showing regular season games on versus was a question asked before, seeig as how they broadcasted the Grey Cup last year. But now since DirectTV just dropped versus, this decision to stay away looks a little better. Even though I'm sure they never knew this would be coming when they negotiated the rights to show CFL.