Newfoundland Commercials

Always see the beautiful Newfoundland commercials. Always wanted to go.

Has anyone ever gone and is it as nice as it looks?

Is there much to do? Is it boring?

That is a province you should see, Kevin. I loved NL!

Not boring at all + yes, like the commercials, thats how colourfully gorgeous it is and the people are so easy to talk to, we met lots of nice folks. Its a good city to walk around, lots to see + do.

Stayed at hotel on St John’s Harbour and watched icebergs drift in, drove to Cape Spear and all down the coast, really nice villages along the way, the oceon is always there and there’s puffins, whales, all sorts of wildlife to see. You wont be bored!

I highly recommend seeing this lovely province. We’re planning on seeing the Viking settlement and Gros Morne soon, which are further north.

The commercials are so well done. I love them - and everyone else I know loves them, too.

There was a show on the CBC about a small cove village (can’t remember the name - something “Grey”) in Newfoundland where only 160(?) people live and you can only reach it via a plane or boat. I thought, “I’d like to spend a winter there once in my life”.

Having said all that, I will NEVER do it (I am NOT a traveler) but it is fun to dream about.

So many great trails and scenery in Canada and IMHO, been there twice, right up there with the absolute best, I mean seeing whales and icebergs when I was out there in the spring a number of years ago and some hiking along the coast, amazing. Sure the winters are horrible there I’m sure but winters can be horrible in many parts of Canada.

It looks so pretty on TV. They really do a wonderful job selling the place.