Newest Ticat Fan!

I am proud to announce that we have a new fan to welcome for this upcoming season.

Cameron Ryan Wallace was born February 13th at a whopping 1 lb 10 oz. He was 3 months premature but he's doing GREAT. He's got some amazing nurses and some decent Doctors (the nurses are the real heros of the hospital).

I can't wait until he's old enough to see his first Tiger-Cats game!

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Congrats Rusty!!!

Hope his journey to full health continues!

Great news Rusty..
What Hospital ..?

If your Lucky enough to Be a Mac.
There Neonatal unit is one of the best in the Country

I'm from Windsor, not Hamilton. So he's at Met Hospital down there. It's hard right now because I'm still in Borden finishing up my QL3 course. Every weekend I go home but it's tough to be gone during the week. Luckily I find out where I'll be posted to tomorrow and we can make preparations for what we will do afterwards. Chances are he'll stay in Windsor with his Mom until he's ready to move up to wherever I'll be. Can't wait for Mom and baby to be settled into our first posting!

(and I just rambled on way too much! haha)

You're allowed to ramble. What you've just experienced will never happen again. You may have more, but you'll never have the first again. Hope Mom is well, of course.

Glad to hear your training is going well. As we all said before, good luck in your time in the Forces. May you get great satisfaction from your experiences.


Don't worry about being premature, I was 3 months premature, and although I was a couple of pounds more, i am 6'3" 220lbs now. What you have to wory about is "immature" and, yes, I am that as well....congrats!!!

Congratulations, sir.

See you in the Family Zone !


Great news, Rusty! Congratulations to the proud parents, and God bless sweet Cameron Ryan.

Congrats, Rusty!!! He's lucky to have such a proud daddy and I wish you all the best. I hope he and mommy are doing well.

You'll have to post some pics for us to see.

Don't worrie about that Enjoy your new Son.

Way to go Rusty! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and look forward to seeing you at a game this year if it works out for you to get to one!

Take care of yourself and your family! :thup:

Congratulations. Hope your son is healthy and becomes a Tiger cat one day. Here's to Rusty!!!!! Welcome to the WORLD.....

My congratulations and prayers for all,


Congrats Rusty, Here's to Cameron Ryan Wallace.
Oskee Wee Wee (emphasis on the wee wee).

Rusty! You are now a Dad! Highest calling to which a man can aspire! You, your wife, and young Cameron are now in my prayers.Profound best wishes to all of you. Thanks for your service to Canada, as well. May your life be rich and joyful as you walk the long road together.

God Bless.


What happens if he turns out to be a argo fan?

Proper parenting will take care of that.

I would think he is just about ready for one of those small yellow and black little rubber footballs.

Thank you for the well wishes! It's very nice to hear.

Just a few points...

  • He will NOT become an Argos fan. It would give his father a heart attack. He would never do that to me.

  • So far he's progessing very well and the Doctors are very pleased and confident.

  • The better half is doing well. She's had her bouts of the baby blues but she's been through a lot and it's totally understandable.

  • How do I post some pics? I have some good ones to share. (maybe I'll figure it out before anyone even tells me... so hold off on this point! lol)

Again... thanks guys and girls!

Congratulations Rusty....please post the pics as soon as you can