Newest Roughrider fan......

Just wanted to say hello to everyone here from down in Texas. I played high school ball with Dalton Bell and watched him play in college here at WTAMU. You have got yourselves not only a great football player but a great family man. My father had the chance to talk to him a few days ago and he sounds like he is having a great experience.

Go Roughriders!

OMG! 'Rider fans are everywhere! As a new fan do you have an opinion on the name of the new Ottawa franchise? They were the oldest team in professional sport in America and the were called the Rough Riders. Stick with the old name and the tradition or go with a fresh start so the League doesn't have two teams with the same name? It actually created quite a rivalry back in the day over which was the better team, the 'Riders or the Riders but some people don't like it.
Welcome to Canadian Football and I'll be keeping an eye out for Dalton Bell. If what you say about him is true he should fit right in to our League, it's a real family!

Welcome aboard. I think the league doesn't generally do enough to cater to fans of American college ball as I am sure there are many such as yourself who would continue to follow the careers of your college favourites.
Dalton has a good pedigree and we hope he can be a good player in the CFL.

You probably won't get a chance to see Dalton play a lot this year. I'm not sure how he's going to come out of training camp. If he can get past Jyles for the number 2 spot, we'll likely see him with a lot of playing time. If not, the two ( untelevised ) pre-season games could easily be all we'll see of him, barring injury.

My curiousity was peaked about him last year when we had to 46-man roster him to keep him from being poached off our practice roster by an NFL club.

Welcome to the board and welcome to the CFL! On another cfl site, there are guys who post just about every practice. They have indicated frequently about how impressed they are with Dalton's skills. They really seem genuine that he has the tools ... which has, of course, helped to fuel high hopes/expectations for him.

It is great to get feedback from his perspective that he is enjoying his experience here - hopefully it remains win-win for years to come!