Newbie to the site

I just wanted to make a post introducing myself. Im Mike age 26 from West Virginia, Ive been a fan of the CFL for about 14 years now and enjoy it quite a bit. The reason I have Hamilton as my favorite club is they share alot with my favorite NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Same colors and same kinda town. Heres to a successful 2009 Go TiCats!!!

hi guy

welcome to the Frozen North...

what university town are yu near?

Welcome to the site. I'm also a Steeler fan. Much better luck with them than

Welcome, SteeltownPride!

I am a Ti-Cat fan and also a Steeler fan. What a great Super Bowl this year!

I hope our Cats can provide a good 09 in Pittsburgh North. :slight_smile:

Nice to see some fellow Black n Gold faithful north of the border. Im from Parkersburg its about an hour and half from Huntington home of Marshall University and about 2 from Morgantown homeof the Mountaineers.

So I assume you know a lot about Ritchie Williams? He holds pretty much every passing record at Appalachian State and has been with Hamilton since 06. He has done some great things in Hamilton whenever given the chance but they still don't give him enough respect I feel.