newbie question

I know its a stupid question but can anyone explain how the playoff system works as far as east vs. west goes. I have been casually watching Sask. for a couple years and I noticed of course that Sask is Playing Montreal in the "EAST" semi-final. I do realize why this occurs but I am curious what the formula is.

Thanks a million.


if the 4th place team of a divison ( this case #4 sask, from west ) has more points than the 3rd place team of the opposite divison ( this case #3 ottawa, from east ), then the #4 team will 'CROSS-OVER' and steal the #3 team's playoff spot.....

its argued, its not fair for 7-11 ottawa to make the playoffs, while 9-9 sask sit it out....thats why they use the CROSSOVER

Ahhh ok that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

your welcome

O.K........that is a very long answer. But I will try.

USUALLY , most years , it is an ALL EASTERN TEAM , EAST SEMI FINAL and EAST FINAL. The same thing in the WEST.

This year : The WESTERN team [SASK.]
had a better won/loss record , than the 3rd place team in the EAST [OTTAWA]

So , SASK. [the west team] , who had won more games than the 3rd place team in the EAST , gets to cross over , to the EAST and play the EAST's , 2nd place team as a reward for having a better season record!

In the CFL 3 teams make the play offs ,

3 from the EAST [game 1... is the east semi final [today] , game 2 is the east final , next SUNDAY!

3 from the WEST [game is the WEST semi final , game 2 is the WWESTERN final , next SUNDAY]

I still hate the crossover.

I still LOVE the crossover

So do I. I see the logic but SASK is WEST.

if SASK played better, THEY WOULD BE IN THE WEST. and they are still WEST, mate.

People just don't get the CO, the great compromise of the CFL, and that is sad.

People get the crossover, KK, but some don't like it. I don't blame them. Take this year, for instance.....sure, Ottawa might not have deserved to be in the playoffs, but in my opinion, Saskatchewan didn't deserve to be there either. As much as I love to see the Riders in the playoffs, I still don't like the crossover that much.


if people would learn to compromise, this would be a better world!

Bad example, but how the heck could the Americans come up with their congress without a compromise? without it, they would be in anarchy today.