Newbe here from Detroit MI

Hi guy's and gals big CFL fan here i always look on the forums for the latest news but never joined so here's my first post . :smiley:

welcome mate!

Who won the QB challange today?

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Greetings and salutations from the state of Ohio. Welcome to the family. Feel free to talk Football and anything off topic as well. But all we ask is that you respect others the way you would like to be respected. Other then that jump in and have fun!!

ugotit, Damon Allen won the QB challenge, from what I've heard. Rumour is Eakin finished second, Joseph third.....I've also heard talk that Joseph chucked a ball over 80 yards, but that has yet to be substantiated.....

.......typo there jm, it was actually 184 yards and he's being tested this evening.......

..... :lol: .....

JM02 didn't Nealon win last year!

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I think Wynn won last year, but I'm not sure I get your point, rw05.....

last year wynn came in forst and glenn came in second...its a shame that daly didnt no this..or else he wouldve put wynn in when glenn went down..idiot

There is a big difference between a game and a distance/accuracy competition

yah i no..but i say he should have gotten a shot at starting before martin did...martin did absoloutly nothing last year..and i hope hes a no show at camp...(martin would have probably came in last at last years qb challenge)