New York City Sports Bar for CFL

Anyone know of a sports bar that might carry the CFL or Canadian focused bar in New York City. I will be in town for the first playoff weekend and would like to be able to see the games...

Well if you were going to Vegas I would point you to one.

Try contacting the Consulate in NYC.

Tried this, they gave me a general list of all sports bars in NYC. They knew of no Canadian bar....

I have emailed a number of sports bars, the ones that have replied said they did not have the service that the CFL games are on.

Thought about trying to use the computer streaming stuff, but I will not have a computer with me and I am not fond of using my credit card on a public access terminal.

Yeah- I know one. Cross the bridge to the other side and go to a small Italian restaurant- can't miss it. Go inside, tell the waiter you wanna make an offer he can't refuse. Sit down, order a pasta meal- then get up nochantantly and go to the bathroom. They have those old toilets with the level hanging down. Reach up on top and you will find a remote. Walk casually back to the table - then SHOOT THE REMOTE AT THE TV BEHIND THE BAR AND CHANGE THE CHANNEL TO CFL FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!

All the while, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" is playing on the jukebox. :roll:

Make sure the game you are changing the channel from is showing the Jets vs. the Giants for best effect....

It is New York.
Some pub will be able to get you the game. You may have to explain the term "satellite" to them.
And I think there are one or two pubs with a Canuck expatriate theme.
I'll see what I can confirm.