New Years Wishes for CFL teams!

:cowboy: Merry Xmas, Happy Boxing Day, and a |Happy New Year to CFL fans. Here are some New Year wishes for CFL TEAMS:
  1. A finished stadium for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats whose fans are great and had a wonderful time in Regina at Grey Cup!

  2. A Superman pose for the B.C. Lions from Geroy! :wink:

  3. A playoff win for the Calgary Stampeders whose fans deserve it after showing resiliency in 2013 after the floods.

  4. A fresh start for the Edmonton Eskimos who need to rise from the abyss to become competitive again. Your young qb acquired from B.C. is a gamer but must stay healthy.

  5. A competitive team for Winnipeg fans who have been denied this for too long!

  6. A new mayor for Toronto who behaves like an adult role model not a spoiled rich kid.

  7. For Montreal, a new head coach and a new quarterback who can lead the Als back to competitiveness and keep the Quebec fans supporting the CFL.

  8. For Ottawa, a Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus half-time show to fill the seats. Seriously, a competitive team led by veteran qb |Kevin Glenn to keep the fans coming to |Lawnsdowne! Welcome back Ottawa. Still wish you were the Roughriders though.

  9. To Saskatchewan Roughriders - a repeat performance by the team winning back to back Grey Cups and filling seats in stadiums across the nation.

  10. to Quebec City and the Maritimes- A CFL franchise soon. Laval filling their stadium for the Vanier Cup showed the Quebec market is there for another CFL team and we need a stadium in Halifax not Moncton.

:cowboy: 8)

Happy 2014- wow the years go by quickly.

BC - Increase in attendance and a return to form for Travis Lulay
Edmonton - A return to respectability. I mean I hate the Eskimos but I would love for Labour Day to be meaningful again!
Calgary - Announcement on a new stadium. Finally winning the Grey Cup again!!
Saskatchewan - Miss the playoffs but continue to bring in huge crowds and profit. Stadium plans released that will become the envy of the CFL (especially Calgary to get off their ass!).
Winnipeg - Touch up IGF once and for all (press box, concrete, etc) to make the whiners stop crying. Also a return to respectability in the Western Conference with a playoff berth.
Hamilton - To finish THF on time and it becomes a great stadium that sells out and proves the doubters wrong. Host the eastern Final!
Toronto - Announce and finalize plans for a new stadium or revamp to BMO and find a new owner. Return to respectability off the field.
Montreal - Troy Smith becomes the real deal and the Al's becomes the toast of the town
Ottawa - A sold out new stadium and a respectable first season with possibly a playoff birth!
CFL - Announce a 10th team damnit! Big crowds and ratings all year long!!!!!

BC- To make it to the West Finals this year, and to have a profitable Grey Cup
Edmonton - To shock the world and sneak into the Grey Cup game
Calgary - To have the conversation of a new stadium begin
Saskatchewan - To miss the playoffs and accept they were spoiled last year
Winnipeg - To get the kinks worked out of IGF and to get the 2015 Grey Cup
Hamilton - To see THF completed on time and to win the Grey Cup
Toronto - To stop being treated like a second class sports team by their own city
Montreal - To have the city/province announce that they are fixing the Big-O
Ottawa - To see Landsdowne completed on time and to get the 3rd seed in the east

New Years Wishes for CFL teamsโ€ฆ..

  • That the Esks and Bombers are competitive in 2014
  • That new attendance records are set in each of the 9 CFL cities
  • That the RedBlacks get into the playoffs
  • That no player sustains a career ending injury
  • That no player or coach or other personnel's family suffer tragedy during 2014
  • That all refs wear the new glasses they each received from Santa this Christmas the new glasses for referees comment Beaglehound- Happy New Year!!

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An honest to goodness TV deal with an American network with Holly Horton as studio host and Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Warren Moon as analysts. Toss in their own play-by-play and color commentators, preferably Chris and Glen. LOL

Yes that's a good one, and a TV deal that actually shows "live" games not games 12 hours or 2 days later. I can watch a rerun on TSN VOD a couple of hours after a game is finished. ESPN3 is NOT a TV broadcast it's internet streaming

Calgary-For Bo Levi to light it up, and actually fill the seats when their NOT playing Saskatchewan

BC-Lulay and Harris to return to form again and for BC place to actually have an atmosphere

Edmonton-return to respectability, Rielly to finally be "the guy"

Saskatchewan-For people to stop saying we "bought" the Grey Cup, we would've went 17-1 had we bought it, we still went through all our ups and downs like any other team, the only thing that was bought was olive oil for the stamps gloves during the West Final, either way we deserved the Cup and we have it, whether you say we bought it or not I'll enjoy it either way.

Winnipeg, to actually win some games

Montreal, for Calvillo to finally call it quits and for Smith to take over

Toronto, so many things...for there city to finally embrace the team? nah that's to far fetched, I guess for Ray to stay healthy

Hamilton: To finally win the division

Ottawa: have a successful first season to give fans hope, good money management by their owners and GM.

B.c. Lions- I wish for them to get a new owner after the grey cup that is going to put his time and effort into getting attendance and interest back up in b.c.

Edmonton- I hope for mike Reilly to continue his success and hope ed Harvey can put more pieces around him

Calgary- I hope to see Bo Levi Mitchell step up and become a star in this league

Saskatchewan- I hope for them to continue there success and challenge for the grey cup once again. And hope korey sheets comes back to the riders

Winnipeg- I wish for them to get zach collaros as there starting quarterback and hope for them to get some more wins for next year

Hamilton- I wish for them to get there stadium done on time and I will hope that it is going to make all ticat fans happy for years to come

Toronto- I wish that Chris rudge gets fired in January and will hope David Braley comes to his senses and announces to cfl and Argos fans that he isn't capable and competent enough to get this stadium complete and resigns from being an owner to the Argos

Ottawa- I wish that all fans in Ottawa come out and support the redblacks by selling out every home game and field a competitive team

Montreal- I wish that Troy smith continues his success and becomes the next legend of Anthony cavillo

I'm absolutely shocked that this is your wish for the Argos................................ your other 433 posts didn't clarify it well enough I suppose.

Hamilton.....To open THF on time,the Cats win the division and bring home the Cup in 2014
Toronto.....To hopefully get consistently good attendance every game,not just when the Cats are in town.
Montreal....To hopefully having a smooth transition from the legend of Calvillo to the new hope of Troy Smith
Ottawa......A successful 1rst campaign,with a competitive team,and maybe a run at a play-off spot.
Calgary......To see the Stamps remain competitive,and a smooth transiton at Q.B. with Bo Levi Mitchell as a starter
Saskatchewan..To continue to have the best fan base in the league,and a rematch in the Grey Cup with the Cats
B.C.Lions...To see Travis Lulay have a healthy season,and the team continue its streak of 14 straight play-off years
Edmonton..To see Reilly improve again,and the Esks to hopefully win some of those close games that were lost last year.
Winnipeg....To see the B.B.'s get their act together,get a quality Q.B. and get back to being a competitive team again.

Here's to 2014 being a great year for the CFL...with competitive balance,exciting games and records being broken!!!!!!

^^^Cant really top this.

Montreal - that they find the Alouette way again. I wish for them that AC returns as a coach. He's past his expiration date as a player

Ottawa - that they be a competitive team right out of the gate and re-capture the hearts of the football starved fans in our Nation's capital

Toronto - that Argos get attention for reasons other than their crackhead mayor acting like a maroon wearing their jersey. Seriously Toronto, you have a serious contender there that's won a championship recently... fill the skydome! I know Toronto isn't much of a market for football but let's face it... the Laughs and Jays aren't bringing home any sort of playoff success anytime soon.

Hamilton - that Timmy's field is open on time and every returning fan is given complimentary doughnuts and double doubles for their patience and support for being on the road all year long.

Winnipeg - I hope for the fans sake that they right the ship and reward their fans for years of frustration

Sask - what more could they want? really...

Edmonton - I hope they get an oline that will let their qb work. They're a good football team that just needs to learn how to finish out games. They lost a heck of a lot of close ones. I think Reilly proved he's the man for the job.

Calgary - strong continued support for the Stamps.

BC - I hope that attendance continues to be consistent in 2014 and that the Lions carry on their dominance at home. I wish that Lulay's shoulder holds out and that he gets better blocking. I wish Andrew Harris will return to his 2012 form when he was neck and neck with Cornish. I hope that the new coordinators work out well and that our head coach that's never won a playoff game can get us back to the Grey Cup on home turf. I also wish that most Vancouver fans aren't as football stupid in 2014.. ie. cheering and doing wave when offense is on the field.

????? Dressler, Sheets, Taj Smith, Butler, McElveen, Milo, Schmidt, Kromah, and probably 3 or 4 other starters are free agents. Riders need to get 90% of these back, which could be interesting to say the least. Lose a few of these, coupled with the Ottawa raid, and things could look very needy awful quick.

In theory the best thing that could happen is every team going 9 -9 (winning all home games)!! :wink:

i'll pass on this, thanks.

The Esks can miss the playoffs for a while...

Now that is an interesting scenario. :thup:

But what a nightmare figuring out 1, 2 3 place in each division. lol

No Problems there Beagle,as long as the Cats and Lions finish 1rst,who really cares who finishes behind them in the standings!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Please... :roll:

WTFIT???? Cherry picking at it's finest. And you don't even explain WTFYTA.