New Year's Resolutions

Given that many people believe in making New Year's resolutions and in at least trying to stick by them, I'm just wondering about some of your resolutions for 2008.

Mine is to treat all of the most important people in my life with as much love and support as I can. I'm no saint, but I have very few vices left. :wink:

As for the TiCats, how about a resolution to give all fans a LOT more to cheer about this year? :smiley:

Have a great new year, everyone!

I resolve that, in 2008, I am going to be exactly the same as I was in 2007.

I make that resolution every year; keep it too!

Good for me as for me. :wink:

Mine as fan, living gratuitously through my team?

Win. Preferably something in silver. LMAO

I WILL be behind this team until dirt hits my lid. So...being the Team of the Decades, CFL style, it would be appropriate for the powers that be to, well, get the lads into the playoffs know. :wink:

Get Casey a line and a couple of receivers with a tenacious clue. Feed a healthy Lumsden the ball for seven yards a crack. Play action all season long!

Defence? Cough up a Barton Street five-star greener and dislodge some mucus from assorted ball carriers all season long. This is what we do here. We bleed a la Mosca from having screws in the facemask get knocked back into the forehead from making a STATEMENT every game out.

It's about Nick Setta hitting a bomb from forty yards out in Black and Gold and sealing the deal in the next year or two.

THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! LOL << Anything in sports can happen. Obie isn't Yoda, but the recipe is do, not try. Music to my ears and that of all Ticat Nation!

Oski New Year,

You already do that.

Mine is going to be that I take more time for myself to just relax and spend time with the people who are most important to me. I'm also going to do my best not to stress over trivial crap.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year.

I resolve to continue to make my family and loved ones my top priority
I resolve to remain objective towards the Ticats staff
I resolve to continue to ignore the ravings of a select few here who know nothing but hate and personal attacks

I believe the word you are looking for is vicariously. A good friend of mine used that word and I had to look it up in a dictionary. For some odd reason the word stuck with me. He and I now joke about it any time an opportunity arrises to use it. :lol:

My bad. LMAO :wink: The fingers and head were disconnected there for a sec! :wink:

Oski New Year,