New Year's Resolutions for Teams

Any thoughts onPat Steinberg’s list?

Yes, the Argos will have to gel quickly, but more specifically I think they really have to get their run game going again in 2019. Also, obviously, they’ve have to find a QB and offensive system that works well together . . . not sure if that will include Franklin or MBT or someone else.

I think his analysis for Hamilton is not accurate, and not detailed enough. Apart from a lack of turnovers, the Ti-Cats were 5th in points allowed, 8th in sacks. Yes there were 4th in a lot of defensive catagories (opposing rushing yards, opposing completions allowed, tied 3 ways for average opposing pass yardage) they were also 7th in opposing pass efficiency and 6th in 30+ yard completions allowed.

Categorizing Hamilton as one of the best defensive units I think is unfair. They were good, not great.

The better resolution should be to bolster the O.Line. When Masoli is allowed to get comfortable and has good protection, he lights it up. When the team fails on that front, the results are less then spectacular.