New WR Shawn Bayes highlight video

Found this on the Ticat PR twitter feed. The guy has some great moves and decent speed. Turns out he is a former RB that was converted to WR. You can really see the RB instincts in his YAC yards. Might be a great pickup.


Great wheels - could be an unexpected great find. A younger and faster AB3?

He can use 4 or 85 Both Numbers are Taken .

Could this be Bruey's long lost brother Shawn Bayes III. :o

Mr. Bayes could have selected better music or so called music for his highlight video :thdn:

You're right! If he listens to crap music he doesn't belong on this team, let's release him!
Sheesh :roll:

Wow, he looks fast…and he can catch the ball while it’s snowing, that may come in handy (at least he did it once).

Thanks for posting that, Zen. I should check out that Twitter feed more often.

He may be a former RB, but it was good to see him make catches that weren't easy ones. It was also good see would not be a stranger to playing on a snow-covered field. He might be able to do well on special teams, where i think he'll be used at first.

It was good to see clips of that player who is the replacement for Middleton.

Bayes got some game A .....Hey that is a good post Thank you ...
He can move and that vid shows Speed , agility , awareness ,Hands ,After the catch results and Special teams ..Nice if we had bios like that for all our players and potential players .

Thanks again .