new Winnipeg Stadium?

if the bombers start selling out games this year, and they agree to build this new stadium....where does it go?

anyone know? and if so, any thoughts on the location? it a good spot?
what will happen to the old stadium?

Whats with all this new stadium talk??? Is the one they use
right now that bad?

McMahons not fancy but i cant see getting rid of it
for yrs. Not a bad seat in the house.

i really don't know, but i guess there is some people pushin for a new stadium, and this seems to be the design they have settled on...i dont know what the delay is, or what?....maybe someone who knows can explain.

by the way...this is a design for a stadium in winnipeg...mcmahon is in calgary.

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It's the rumour that won't go away: the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, in conjunction with the Red River Exhibition, are looking into the feasibility of building a new stadium.

Nobody from the football team will confirm it. And all you'll get from Red River Ex boss Paul Robson is, "I won't say anything. You'll have to talk to Lyle."

That would be Bombers president/CEO Lyle Bauer, who wasn't returning The Sun's calls yesterday.

But we do know this: Bauer met with Robson and Manitoba Jockey Club president Harvey Warner at Assiniboia Downs a couple weeks back. We can only presume he wasn't looking for tips on the horses.

Now, this doesn't come completely out of the blue.

It was nearly a year ago Bauer spoke to The Sun about the community-owned club's future -- a future that included either a major renovation to Winnipeg Stadium or a new facility altogether.

"There's a very nice ball park in CanWest Global, and there's going to be a very nice arena," Bauer said at the time.

"If everybody's moving up into the high-rent district ... we'd probably like to see a few more amenities."

Some 11 months later, it seems the Bombers mean business.

Now that I've been inside the new downtown arena, I can see why.

Comfortable seats, modern washrooms and concessions, revenue-generating luxury suites -- all amenities that local baseball and hockey fans can enjoy. But not football fans.

I guarantee there will be people attending a Moose game this winter who'll have a completely different outlook the next time they visit the Stadium for a Bombers game.

After experiencing the Rink at Eatons, sitting in that cramped Stadium seat, or waiting in a long line to get into that dilapidated washroom or to order the same old Stadium food, will very quickly get old.

Let's face it. If the Winnipeg Arena was worn out, what does that make the Stadium?


Probably the worst football facility in the CFL, that's what.

Sure, the Bombers could try to do what new owner Bob Young did with Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton: spend a million or two to refurbish the place, and squeeze another 10 years out of it.

But that would just be postponing the inevitable, while continuing to turn off fans who'll be getting more and more used to the comforts of the other two pro sports venues in town.

Building a new stadium on land owned by the Ex, next to the Downs, means plenty of parking and good access. Yes, it's a little "out there," but it's only 10 games a year, not 40. And the Polo Park area is getting more and more congested, in case you haven't noticed.

I know what you're thinking: how much would this thing cost, and who'd pay for it?

The Bombers, you'd think, would want about 30,000 seats. And plenty of help from the taxpayer.

Their other partner, presumably, would be the Ex, another non-profit agency. Together, they'd use the facility for concerts, trade shows, you name it.

And football fans, the most rabid in this town, would join their baseball and hockey cousins in the 21st century.

The whole thing makes sense, don't you think?

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers chairman Gene Dunn need look no further than his season-ticket holders to explain why the football club is backing a feasibility study for a new stadium and entertainment complex.

“They’re telling us they’re not comfortable,” Dunn said Tuesday following a news conference to unveil details of the $250,000 study. “They’re telling us the washroom facilities are not adequate, our concessions are not adequate,” he added.

“It’s 50-odd years old. It’s outdated.”

So the CFL club is joining Canad Inns, the Red River Exhibition Association and the provincial and federal governments in funding the study.

The centrepiece of the complex would be an expandable 30,000-seat football stadium that, according to one architect’s rendition, could be “climate-enhanced” to shield fans from the wind and cover some seats.

The study will also cost out a completely enclosed stadium, as well as renovations to the existing Canad Inns Stadium.

But the goal of the project is not only to appease grumpy Bomber fans, but to build a unique complex that would help make Winnipeg a year-round tourism destination.

“We’ve put together a series of special facilities that together make a critical mass,” said Canad Inns president Leo Ledohowski.

“Each individual piece by itself could not be economically viable.”

Those pieces include an exhibition facility, a 250-room hotel and a large indoor water park. The partners hope to also draw other marquee events, such as NASCAR.

The idea would be to have everything fit neatly in one large circular-shaped configuration around the football field.

Ledohowski said preliminary estimates for the entire project are about $165 million.

While the hotel and water park would be funded entirely through private dollars, the federal and provincial governments would be expected to chip in for the stadium.

Cabinet ministers for both governments were open to further investment Tuesday.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect government to participate,” said Treasury Board President Reg Alcock.

“But certainly we won’t be the leader, we won’t be the creator of it and we won’t be the majority (stakeholder).”

Manitoba Industry Minister Jim Rondeau said his government will be anxious to see the study and explore “flexible partnership.”

However, questions are already being raised in Winnipeg about whether fans and tourists will make the trek to the western outskirts of the capital.

But Dunn said he’s not worried because there is bus service to the park and traffic currently flows smoothly.

Paul Robson, chief executive officer of the Red River Exhibition Association, which owns the land for the project, said it has been brainstorming about the project for three years.

“We’ve had a number of proposals to build on our site but none of them had the vision and scope Canad Inns presented to us,” said Robson.

The study is expected to be completed by next summer and it could take another year or two to develop a final blueprint.

not alot of comments on this, so far.

DG these are older articles. I thought on previous posts it came out how the viability study was under way. Favouring a domed stadium of between 35,000-40,000. Unfortunately the same study which took years for the then arena project to finally being built.

yep tom is right, the viability study is under way, the Canad Inn guy wants a facility that could be used year round for trade shows etc. so he wants a closed in stadium, he also wants a water park, and it is to be built on land right beside the horse track, which doesnt seem to sit right with alot of folks who think it is too far out from downtown.....

Regardless, the artist's conception looks SWEET! I like what I see. With the CFL on the upswing, I'm hoping for new stadiums across the nation!!!

Here's a link to more pics and info...I didn't realize this story was over a year old. I hadn't heard...


This stadium design is proposed for the Assiboine Downs area .. Like out towards the downs ... Hope you like mosquitoes. Because other than the downs .. and the old drive in ... and that baseball place .. there isn't anything else but field and marsh ...


maybe this stadium will be the begining of development of that area?

Uh - Yea ... A major economic boom in Winnipeg's marshland. Granted the city could use a bit of a pickup (especially that side) ... I just don't think its the best location ... (and seriously ... Anyone that has been to John Blumberg park can vouch for the mosquitoes .. Hehe)

You thought it was bad releasing a few thousands drunkards onto Portage after the games? Wait till they are on the Perimiter ... Heh. Either way - its a beautiful stadium .. I just wish there was more room at the forks ... Sam's baseball park is unbelievable ...


I kinda hope they don’t build the new one, at least not in that location. It’s like an hour away from my house by car.

Wow, gorgeous design. Hoping Winnipeg gets this and us here in Hamilton a new one too that looks as nice as this one.

I hope they can expand it come GC time when Winnipeg host it again after 2006. 45,000 at the max.

but it looks like a great stadium, a mini and better Big O.

I hope they desing it so they can put a roof on it in very bad weather.

and here hoping for Hamilton too.

Did you hear that they haven't sold out the Commonweath games in Melbounre yet and they having trouble doing so? I'm pretty discused with my hometown right now, cuz they will never get the Olympic games agine, and this is the closed thing to them, and hardly anybody is showing up for them!!! :evil:

if Hamilton or Halifax get them, I hope they appeashate them more. As it stand now, with such a poor showing, this will likely be the last Commonweath games for Victoria (Australia).

No roofs required any longer in this country! Some little holes near the seats where your feet are for warming, fine, but no roofs please!

...if its out in the marsh-land....mosquito netting around the facility would be an asset...Mr. Asper where are you on this one... :roll: :lol:

Mosquito netting? Hahaha - maybe you aren't familiar with the mosquitoes in Winnipeg ... you'll need a fence, and shotguns ... not netting.