New Winnipeg Stadium?

Ok guys what is going on with the New Winnipeg Stadium, is it going to happen?

...Premier Gary Doer says today he wants all concerned parties to meet soon, in one room, to see where everyone stands on the new stadium...Time is definitely becoming a factor...Bombers might have to send a lobbyist to the Cap with a bagful of cash to get everything rolling...maybe thats 's how you have to get things done with govts....oooops ...what am i thinking ... that's not legal anymore... :lol: :lol: :wink: :roll:

well the team is all for, asper is doing everything he can, he now has the support of the mayor in Sam katz, and now the premier Gary Doer stated how he supports the idea and wants to hold a meeting with all parties including asper, the provinicial government and federal government officials and try ge tthem on our side. i think we will have in for either 09 or 10.

The thing about Winnipeg is that its a city that lags behind. It took 50 years just to build a bridge. The only difference with the stadium is that Asper is involved.
Winnipeg needs more people like Asper to push this city forward.
In my oppinion this is a no brainer.
I am supportive of any new project coming to Winnipeg and beleave that this stadium will be build.
I am also looking forward to the first grey cup game held in this new stadium. Now that would be something.

i agree the city is very passive when it comes to change and asper is the kind guy to get stuff done and get it done fast

A lot of cities have a difficult time getting things done, Canada or the US.

I like this quote from Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills:

Wilson said it best "they can't even build a bridge" up there

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...something like the one in Minnesota... :wink:

It seems that the rusty wheels on the New Winnipeg Stadium proposal might be starting to move

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This stadium should be a model for every current city in the league needing a new, hint Regina, Hamilton and hopefully the future in Ottawa.
And especially for new potential franchises in QC and Halifax and for which a Mr. Asper type clone is necessary.

agreed. alot of the stadiums in the cfl have alot of years under their belts and the cities should look forward to building new ones. and i agree asper is a smart buisness man who wants nothing more but to get things done which we really need in the country. i hope that his will to build this will push others to step out of the woodworks in the same situation.

One thing that does concern me is if it will be better for winter outdoor games.
I lived in Manitoba all my life and I am not scared of the cold but even I say enough is enough sometimes.
I hope this new stadium will be a little warmer than the last one.

Man, it looks like it will be very nice if it gets built, the envy of a lot of folks in this country without a doubt. Man, I might even consider retiring in Winnipeg if Hamilton can’t eventually make any progress on a refurbished stadium or new one.

Did you hear that, Barons? If the stadium has wheels, it'll make it easier to move it to another city in the future.

You're a visionary, my man! :thup:

I believe that Winnipeg should go all out and build a covered stadium!

Yes covered, multi purpose(with football first design of course) all year use.

I think they will build a new Stadium , When I was there last I seen where they built the new arena and Ball park Its actually quite nice so I think having a new Stadium nearby would deffinatly attract more people to the City I have also heard Rumors of a major HWY going from Winnipeg to Kansas as these two Cities would be a major land port for North America so I can forsee major changes for the city.

but guys football should be affected by weather and i don;t want a covered stadium.