New Winnipeg Stadium has a Hamilton connection !

Ironworkers, (Local 736 Hamilton Ontario) at work on the new Winnipeg blue bomber stadium.

Hey at 1:21 of the video you can see some hand written white? letters on the stepped steel support. Is it my imagination or does it say "TI-CATS"?!?! These guys are from Hamilton, :thup: :thup:

And so it does.....too bad it will be covered up

Here's a screenshot.
Definitely says TIGER-CATS

But it'll still be there. Kind of like the loonie under the ice at the Olympics. :thup:

First thing that popped into my head was the David Ortiz jersey that was buried under the new Yankee Stadium.

May the Bombers be cursed when the cats prowl in their home.

Someone go post that pick on the bummer forum and wait for the backlash :lol:

Don't think we've heard the last of this one. :wink:

I hope they don't hear about it until its covered up, then someone can show them the pictures. :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :thup:

That's what I was thinking. :lol:

Unions guys?? Must be why they are so far behind in the construction!!
looks like the Bombers won't be playing in their new stadium until the second week of September.

Too bad the City of Hamilton has a "union only" rule for construction.

Earl are you playing the "devil's advocate " again ? Hamilton oldtimers know that unions helped build this city and have made it great. Would you rather have Walmart workers building our new stadium ? :lol: :lol: :lol:

If you notice, the guy in the picture looks to be hold up a finger. It's either to let the rest of us know that the Tiger cats are number one or because he is so high off the ground, he's checking the wind direction....

A bit difficult to check the wind direction with a gloved finger, so....

Oskee Wee Wee!

....I'm going up there with a can of spray paint....It'll be a quick rub-out much like what will happen to the Cats when they come to town.... :lol: :lol: The guys up there are doing a great job and obviously have a great sense of humour.. :thup: AND aren't you guys happy we bought the steel from you instead of that outfit in Quebec :lol:


Yes, nothing wrong with Walmart - I know people that work very hard there and they give a lot better service than most stores!! I am sure that Walmart workers would build a great stadium at a much lower price and they would greet you at the entrance and show you to your seat.
Unions helped the city? really? they’ve cost us a lot more in higher wages.

That's very good we need people like Earl to work at Wal Mart :wink:

Well said catfish. Some highly skilled Canadian steel workers are in the process of completing the new World Trade Centre in New York City. Unfortunately, high winds in Winnipeg during the winter have delayed the stadium completion. Some "glass half empty people" like to play the blame game when it comes to unionized workers. I doubt that you would see too many of the naysayers at memorial services for workers who died on the job. :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy )

I would rather a WalMart job than NO JOB!!

some of us would love the high paid union jobs like the iron workers, auto workers, steel workers etc but it's impossible these days.

Guess nobody noticed the lack of concrete....but plenty of metal beams/supports. Say hello to the lastest BMO structure. You can bet we'll be getting the same thing for $200 million. Ivor Wynne Stadium's current concrete composite/base will last another 40 years according to the City comissioned 2007 Engineers' report. Guess McQuinty and Bob didn't get that memo. Oh well, what's another couple hundred million dollars added to the debt. It's not like they wil be affected directly.