New website for the Eskimos

Whoo! New website for the Eskimos. And it looks pretty sharp!

Chief… I agree… it is very sharp! However, I couldn’t find the link to listen live for the last preseason game! Luckily I found the CHED website on my own (I’m an east coaster). Love the roster pictures with the autographs!

Yes, they do neglect a radio link, but then some Edmonton fans hate Bryan Hall (announcer for CHED) as much or more as they do Maciocia....

As sharp as the new layout looks, I HATE the new news tracker. The thing never works properly for me, and when I click the stop button it just starts flipping through even faster. They need to fix that.

It does look sharp but there was one thing that got to me, wheres the fight song? I liked having that on the old site and the diffrent versions didn't hurt things.

I'd rather see a sharp new Eskimo team built than a stinking website. The Esks really need to re-tool and that usually starts with a whole lot of dismantling ....starting with the doughboy.

I couldnt agree more. I dont know what is more frustrating…listining to Hallsy or watching the Esks get pummeled again and again…

How bout listening to Hallsy talking about the Eskies getting pummeled again and again... :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahhaha i couldnt agree more caneskimos… Hall is an idiot… he asks questions that a 5 year old would ask… maybe he was dropped on his head?