New Webdesign

Just thought I'd say that I love the new look. 10x better then the previous one.

Great new look for MRX.CA has been busy.

On a related topic---------- has an all new today today too , and I had to search to find Drew's blog on their new site design. still works, but Drew won't get many new followers to find it.

Hint - You have to click on the "V" on the home page and head to Social Media. No link on the Sports page, even under the ticats link.

Click here to get to Drew's Blog.

Oskee wee wee

I'd love to see it. Unfortunately all I get is a jumbled mess. Likely, I'm guessing, because I'm on a mac.

It works for me. I love it!

I found that it looks good in Firefox, but not so good in Google Chrome.

But the design looks like a big improvement when it's being displayed properly.

I've check both my mac's (macbook: osx tiger / macbook pro: osx snow leopard) and it works fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I did notice last night because its all in div if the page doesnt load entirely the div's will shift around and it may look messed up. Perhaps its your connection?