New Web-Site

Shiny new web-site looks great. Sadly, same old forum - hopefully, an upgrade here will be forthcoming.

The forums are not even linked on the website. Could be the end of the forums.

Maybe they weren't when you first visited, but they are now.

They have upgraded their team stats with 18 category's which I like. :thup:

Yup. I can't imagine they would do away with the forums.

I'm still not seeing any link under the menus.

Edit: They just showed up.

Where is the link to the forum? I can't find it on the main page.

Sadly the new website is following the stupid "scroll for a mile because we have tons of whitespace" fad.

It should be under "community".

Glad they got it up and about a week and a half after the state of the league address so they're pretty much on time with that.

Wonder when the logo is getting updated the form. Weird being on 2 pages and seeing different logos. Feels like the Grey Cup all over again :lol:

Overall, it's good to move forward

Not there on my browser. Still can't find it

It's under Community for me. It was also mentioned explicitly in the post about the new site:

So I don't think they plan on getting rid of it. It clearly needs to be updated to the new design, though.

New site is an improvement over the old one, for sure. In that context the logo works a lot better than it did at the Grey Cup. Hopefully they have a better stats package up for next season.

You still don't get a drop-down menu when you scroll on Community? Don't click on community, just hold your cursor over it.

I'm surprised this forum is still working. Kind of funny that many of the player rosters go to dead links.

At the bottom of the main page, first column on the left (CFL) look for Message Boards. Or use the Community drop down menu at the top.

I like the new site, still a few bugs, but a nice clean design and the individual teams have the same theme. Thumbs up!

Seems the new Ticat site was the beta as this is identical

Lacking a lot of valuable stats including QB efficiency rating. In this day of advance stats geeks, not rolling stats out in great detail seems like a missed opportunity.

Team stats are expanded, and if you click on player names they've added a game by game log of the players stats, but the individual stat categories are still the same basic ones. There's some improvement but I had higher expectations all around given how much time they've invested at the commish' comments at the state of the CFL address.

Like the photography used. Great shots of Jones and Mitchell.

You still don't get a drop-down menu when you scroll on Community? Don't click on community, just hold your cursor over it.


I'm trying to open the forum on my tablet so i can't hover over community. I cant find anyway to get into the forums from the new site.

Good thing I have the fourms bookmarked.