New web features

The CFL will soon have a new Online Editor joining our team. I think we have made ok progress since the launch of the new site but we would like to move forward quickly in delivering more and better content.

We would like to know what you like about the site and more importantly, what you would like improved or added.

Brent Scrimshaw
CFL Marketing

The Only Problem I Have With The Site Is The Play-By-Play. It Should Refresh It’s Self Every 30 Or 60 Seconds So I Don’t Have To Keep Pressing The Button. The Webcasts Is A Great For Sight But It’s To Bad That You Guys Took Away The Links For The Radio Stations. But Of Course These Are Both Very Minor Points. You Guys Have Done Such A Great Job In Such A Small Amount Of Time, Keep Up The Great Work.

  1. player bios
  2. In the Media, go back to the old system or at least get rid of the scroll and list all the headlines with an archives.
  3. Ask the Ref, have a place in the section that allows you to ask a question instead of relying on our esp to figure out where to find the question link.
  4. More moderators on the website
  5. Have transaction information out before the game…
  6. Real questions for the coaches corner, not the softball type that are there now.
  7. Have league rules, not just game rules, eg. blackout policy INCLUDING under what conditions it is lifted
    8 Details of the Salary Management System
  8. Regular Chats with key CFL staff and team owners…
  9. Streaming video of games
  10. Keep it up to date eg. kids zone still has Patrick Thibeault as a RIder as one of the player profiles.

more DETAILED info, please.

After all of these changes, is still the last place i go to for infomation.

-Player bios (i.e. player photo, small history and career stats) is a must.
-update either or, or both…old info on both sites.
-more exclusive features and stories
-Live play-by-play is just as bad as the old canoe scoreboard…update it more often.
-more info in the history section and CFL legends
-whenever PDF files (i.e. pre-game info/summaries) are used, have html based pages as well (many of us HATE pdf files)
-detailed player interviews (not just 3 questions asked) including video interviews which can be seen in the sony handycam window
-try to get rivercitysports to update (terrible shopping experience online)
-some coverage on the CIS season…when it begins
-streaming video
-update kidzone
-MORE UPDATES, news reaches slower than anything else.
-new content…(I dont really know what to suggess, but be creative, think outside the box)
-have a CFL Auction section, where game worn jerseys, etc are auctioned off (e.g. ebay)
-radio station links beside the listed games on the main page
-CFL radio (essentially a copy of NHL radio, MLB radio, etc) with weekly shows, recaps, Q & A, etc.
-CFL Trophies section outlining the rich history of each award and listing past winners

When it comes down to it…MORE DETAILED CONTENT. I know 100 times more information on the CFL than this site currently has.

  1. Full game statistics, for individuals and teams, updated in real time during games or at least posted immediately after games and not three days later as often happens now.

  2. Full individual and team statistics for the season in all offensive, defensive and special-teams categories.

1.stats, stats and more stats.
2. streaming highlights of games.
3. web play by play. Try to copy the nfl play by play, and that way you can tally up the stats in seconds.
4. Maybe add a section about what past players are currently doing. Where are they now?
5. email addresses of players to give them encouragement. I know some will receive negative emails, but I’am that positive emails could lift their spirits.

Radio and a spellchecker on the forum!

Tons of Wallpapers (like game photos and stuff) and downloadable screen savers of our teams.
Also some weekly trivia would be nice. Something fresh and creative we can discuss on this message board or on our own.
More Ti-Cats and Craig Yeast!!!

online sportsbook. CFL puts the odds out

Well my good man…The TRUE experts have spoken…the FANS. So…be off with you know and bury your heads in all that code you write, and bring us back something spectacular!!! :idea:

Exactly…something spectacular!!

This site could and should be so much more than what it is right now.

i love the new stats that come with the game summaries, makes my league much easier to control.