New Warren Moon Book

Just picked up Warren Moon's new book: Never Give Up on Your Dream.

Very interesting read. The book is only 250 pages but he could have easily doubled it by expanding more on his carrer from college - NFL. I found that he basically skimmed over most years but did stop to reflect on a few different stories.

I know what most of you are thinking, what does he say about the CFL!

He praises the CFL so much it isn't even funny. This is such a great plug for a great league.

I only have 1 small issue about this section. He describes the differences in the game and he muffs up the part about CFL OT. He still thinks that we play with 2 5 minute periods instead of the college like OT.

A great book and a great read. Check it out!

I'll order it up at Brian Prince ASAP!!!

One of the best QBs to play in Hamilton!!

You mean Edmonton..

he played here several times as a Eskimo.

Gotcha!! I was waiting for someone to try to correct me. Yes he did play in Hamilton a few times when Edmonton was in town!!!

I guess you're not wrong since you say "play in" rather than play for Hamilton. :slight_smile:

He was only in the CFL like 5 years though and being with a west team he would have only gone there once per season.