New Wallpapper-Schedual Attched.

i was browing through and found theres a new wallpaper of Tad with the 2006 ticat sched on it! looks good, you guys should make some more but wtih a team photo on it or somting! keep up the good work, keepin up fans happy:)


Clcik the link to check it out! pretty cool

Where did you find this new wallpaper Blitz21 so that we can take a look.

Yeah, I saw the new wall-paper in with all the others in the Galley.
The Series 2, 4 and 5 looks sweet.

i switch the link to go directly to the image for you pickle and other who cannot find it.


Geez I hope he makes the team!

Is he not doing well at the camp?

I’m hoping to make some more with some of the new players (maas, ranek, vaughn, etc) once we get some game photos of them.

Got it!Thanks Blitz21.

this is nice I just set it as my background

Ya if only it was a player like Maas. I can’t say that I was impressed at all with Tad’s play last year.

yeh but hes going to step it up, lets not forget he was the youngest player on the team last year and now hes had one years experience, wait to see what he can dish out this season, should be fun to watch.

Don’t be following this Schedule.

3 Dates are WRONG :roll:

Sat Aug 25 - should read 26

Sun Sept 16th Should read Sat

Sun Sept 30th should read Sat