New Wallpapers

Hey fans!

Make sure to check out all of the new Ticat wallpapers under the Fanzone section of

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Any chance of a Jesse Lumsden screen saver? Say, maybe in that Hamilton Hottie pose. I wouldn't mind looking at that on my computer screen every morning!
After all, the guy fans get those cheerleader photos. How about some beefcake for us gals!

How true Castaway . LOL

Those are some nicely designed wallpapers. But what is Timmy Chang and Jason Maas doing standing in front of the moon? I would prefer the team's schedule over the moon.
thanks though.

why not one of armour? the guys our best defensive player right now

I really dig the locker room shot - nicely done!

Yeah I have the lockerroom shot on my computer. Its sweet!

Great job