new wallpapers please - Printers especially

just lookin around for a Printers wallpaper or a Lumsden wallpaper, but can't find anything from after maas left.

can we get some updated ones please, like say, Armstead, Moreno, Lumsden, Printers....etc.

agreed. i have the one where they are all huddled up under the moon with the Ticats logo on it, the only problem is Jason Maas is in the center of it.

theres a good pic in the ticat online magazine of casey on the field at IWS...that woulda been a nice wallpaper....or the pic from the mag cover with armstead.

or how bout one with Printers, Lumsden, Armstead and Zeke all standing together side-by-side, some wearing the white, and others wearing the black jersey without helmets on, but casey in the middle with the ball, and lumsden to his left holding his helmet by the mask. zeke to his left with his arms crossed, cuz hes the tuff guy, and armstead in there to lumsdens right.