New voice of the Cats

Welcome Rick Zamprin, from y108 and CHML as the new radio voice of the Cats. Good luck Zamp!

Brutal. Another guy who's never done it before?
Sounds like a Plan B or C.

Lets Give the Guy a Chance..
He maybe Good ..
I'd Rather had Someone Who done it before
But he has been name so we can give me his due.

I'm not of fan of Rick's delivery style. It's what's known in the radio biz as 'effected.'

I have a feeling if Rick would just speak on-air as he does in normal every day life, he'd probably sound great. But when that mic switch goes on, he puts on his "Mr. Radio Guy" voice.

Give Mr, Zamperin a chance, he may turn out to be one of the best announcers this team has had.

Most regulars of this forum know I very seldom if ever agree with OnKnight. But I agree with him 100% in this case. Rick would not have been my first choice either but lets give him a chance before we call for his resignation.

Now if we could only replace Jason Farr.

Brutal. Another guy who's never done it before? Sounds like a Plan B or C.
Well who has done it that you would like to hear? And you do know they are interested in doing it right?

It is one thing to say you would like person A to do it but if person A has zero interest then they are out of the picture. Zamperin has worked at CHML since 2000 and has served as the Ticats pre-game show host and sideline reporter for the past six years. So it's not like he doesnt have any of the skills required.

Russ Jackson would have be Good Choise..
he has dose Radio Before..

Did Russ Jackson want to do it though???

Firstly, congratulations to Rick. He obviously has a passion for the sport and that's half the battle.

Football is a bit different in this country. It's not like hockey where you can't swing a dead gopher without hitting someone who has done hockey play-by-play somewhere.

In football there are not too many places to train. If you're doing university games the odds are you're a student who thinks doing radio would be fun while going to school. There are few schools that offer journalism AND have football teams. Ryerson and Carleton would be great places to train for PxP guys, but there's no football there.

I did my first broadcast in 1994 without any guidance. None. Zero. Some will say it shows :slight_smile:

The point is I hope I've come a long way since then, give the new guy the chance to get a comfort level and grow into the gig.

If Rick does his homework and maintains his passion he'll be fine...and I'm sure that will be the case. Cut him some slack as he's learning the gig at the highest level in the country, the CFL.

If you have constructive criticism e-mail him at the station and let him know. Give him the good AND the bad.

To see the arrows coming out already simply isn't fair.

Welcome to the club Rick, you'll be great!

I heard the announcement this morning on CHML.

One of the most important qualifications
for success in any field is said to be
having a great passion for your work.

Rick definitely has that 'in spades'

He said he hasn't been able to sleep
since he got the job and he can't wait
to get started.

Rather than publicly criticising him,

Take Hogie's words to heart, folks.

Hogie speaks from experience.

"If you have constructive criticism
e-mail him at the station and let him know.

Give him the good AND the bad."

Message Boards are opinion boards. We offer our opinions, criticism, share thoughts and ideas. Broadcasters, like our players, will hear both the good and the bad.

Zamperin has lots of enthusiasm for the job, and it was obvious Micallef did not. So at least maybe now listeners won't fall asleep during CHML Ticat coverage.

I was born and raised in the Hammer and still bleed Black & Gold. I live in Invercargill, New Zealand(of Worlds Fastest Indian fame). Thanks to this site and my web options for listening and watching, I get to pretty much stay up to date. I'm really lookin' forward to this season, more the others. Bob's startin' to use his wisdom gained over the past few years, it's lookin' good to me. As for Zamperin, his voice is a little "Radio Guy" like, but he'll come round. He's done a great job on the sidelines, cut him some slack. Go Cats

They couldn't find ANYBODY else???

Thank you TSN and CBC for the expanded television coverage this year.

The Ticats did indicate that they want a play by play announcer who will be more involved in the Hamilton community than was his predecessor. Rick Zamperin seems to fit that bill. Good luck to him as the new Ticat play by play announcer.

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to become the new play-by-play announcer of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, is you guys, the fans.

Ticats fans are the absolute best fans in the CFL, its not even close. Ask any opposing player that comes to Ivor Wynne. They love playing here because of the hostile and passionate atmosphere.

And you're also passionate about who is the voice of the Cats. Some people like chocolate, others like vanilla, and some prefer rocky road. :slight_smile:

Despite being a rookie, my main goal is to keep you entertained and informed. If I achieve that, we've all scored a touchdown.

Oskee Wee Wee.

Rick Zamperin

We as fans need to concentrate on supporting the team on the field and pay less attention to what happens in the brodcast booth.

Rick has worked the games before on the sidelines ... he is just taking it to a "new level" ... he'll be fine.

Hope you folks aren't as hard on the new cheerleaders that Lesley has recruited this year.

And I hope the new Pigskin Pete gets your blessing.

God this town needs Tiger Cat football. We all seem a bit "punchy".

Welcome to the site, Rick. Some may criticize you for being too "radio guy". All we can ask is that you do your best. What everyone else (excet for Hogie) needs to realize, is that they are NOT professionals, and YOU are.

Best of luck to you this season.

Rick you where not my 1st Choise But Team made it Choise.
So where All Behind you.
Where All Just Chomping at Bit to get going.

Good Luck Too You this Season

PS Speaking to us
Speaks Well of you.
I don't think we have every had a Brodcaster for Hamilton games on here before..