New Video Update...


Once again I have another video uploading and will post the link A.S.A.P. Its saying 30 mins time remaining :expressionless:

There is the in-game sounds of Moreno in there just for BG... :stuck_out_tongue: lol

And here it is...

man that One where slow down
Jessie Last big run was nice..

Again Thanks

Wow man! Great stuff!

Moreno is such a leader so soon. Impressive.

GREAT job once again GB... I think we need to put that in the Bombers forum just for payback!!

great video!

i say we put it on edmonton's forum to give them a taste of wat their gunna get next week

and i watched another one of ur video's GBonds88 and who was that guy giving that speech? it sounded like micheal irvin sort of

i am just wondering

Ya it is Micheal Irvin giving a speech to the Miami Hurricanes before a game with Florida State

yea i thought it was micheal irvin


Great video. It wasn’t just for BG tho, as I had chills up my spine hearing Zeke give them “whut fur”. I said it in a previous thread, but it bears repeating: THIS IS THE TYPE OF PLAYER YOU WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH. once again, sorry for shouting.

if u got chills from that...then watch the one with micheal irvin giving that speech

i was getting chills all over listening to micheal irvin giving that speech while at the same time watching highlights of the cats

Thanks, I'll definately check it out when I get home.

Wow absolutely fantastic. Great work.

Great replays. I didn't get to watch the game due to other commitments. Jesse Lumsden is awesome.
To have this many long runs in six games is outstanding. The CFL defenses are fast and battle hardened but Jesse is making them look slow. The only way they can stop him is put a spy or key on him...and then that might not work all the time.

Absolutely terrific video as-is but I'm a bit twisted myself and I might have liked to see the Dwight Anderson 'suplex' and his triumphant walk off the field.

Thanks for posting this!

Suplex away:

[url=] ... ic&t=18943[/url]

That was awesome.I was at the game and it was easily the most entertaining since "the kick" in '99.We are in for one hell of a ride.Once again,thanks for the video and please keep them coming.