New Video of the entire last 5 minutes (Youtube)

This is great. It covers the last drive, the missed field goal field goal and the final one that was good.

(all from TSN as it transpired)

Reallyyyyyyy interesting is that at 3:31 it was noted by the play-by-play guy that "it looks like someone ran on late into the end zone"

what that means is anyone's guess. I wish we had a televised view of that so we could see when Armstead arrived

here's the video with audio

Great pick up Deerhunter, I wanted to see for myself the last few minutes of the game and I believe what a friend of mine in the States said that the fault of too many men on the Riders side should not fall square on the shoulders of Kavis Reed but also on Head Coach Ken Miller because Ken could have easily have called a time out to give Damon Duval a second look at his kick and most of all give his Riders an opportunity to re-group and get properly a signed to their duties, instead they elected to go ahead with the play and of course the 13th man flagged on the field.

Kavis stood up and took the blame but it goes much further, I think Ken Miller should have demonstrated some pride and backed up his Special Teams coach and shouldered some of the blame himself, he had a chance but he let it playout in an Als Win.

See you next year Cat Fans, The Year of the Cat will be next year and beyond, Eat Em Raw!!!!

Poor Paul LaPolice....he took that 4:18 of the video, he looked like he was chucking up his cookies in the spotters booth

I feel for him. He's a good man and will carry that loss with him for a long time (as will all the Riders of course)

Not sure if it's accurate, but I recall reading somewhere that they had no time out left.

Your friend in the States may not realize that we only get one time out per half up here. Riders used it on their previous punt (unnecessarily in my view, because they could just as easily have snapped the ball at one second rather than call a time out at one second).