New Video: no leadership says Mosca (players or coaches)

.... I disagree with Angelo, but, whatever :roll:

Stala and Baggs and Hage come to mind

don't forget Cobourne... :rockin:

I hope this video touches a few nerves in these players and someone steps up and becomes a true leader not just in their words, but by example. This team needs to develop a backbone because they appear too soft. This team needs to become nasty. Like Otis said, don't help opposing players up, knock'em down.

I don't give a flying fig if they help opposing players up.........Just knock'em down!

Interesting that Mosca has also noticed the laughing and joking around at practices. I've observed this myself when checking out practices and find it infuriating especially after a dismal loss. To me it looks like they are not serious about winning or correcting their previous mistakes. The joking or laughing should be after they hoist the Grey Cup.

Im Glad you said it first, but in the same note, id like to add that AC saw this when he first came to the team and brought it to a players attention, and i also remember lots of people posting that he should mind his own bussiness and consintrate on football. Maybe if more players where like AC things would change on the field! You have to have a certain amount of humour, but i do agree some players should take things more serious! As a fan most remember players last games, not what they have done all year!
I think AC would be a great team leader, I also go to practices and I see this in AC!

8) I agree fully with Ang.
   In the good old days of real tough TiCat football, no nonsence coaches like Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio would have
    slapped the laughs right off those offending players faces, in a heart beat !!!

    There's a time and place for joking around and laughing, but surely not after that pathetic performance on Sunday,
     under any circumstances !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Obviously, players should be serious when working on plays
or watching when other players are working through them.

That is what I see at every practice I have attended.

I have seen players express exuberance over a good play
and good-natured ribbing of a team-mates mistakes.

I see players smiling or laughing occasionally.

IMO, none of that is a problem in any way.

If players who are involved in what is being worked on
on the field goofed around that would be a big problem.

I definitely have not seen that.


A few years back, I remember Casey Printers laughing it up
at practice with a bunch of other players along the sideline

IMO, he had mentally checked himself out of here and he expected that
he and his massive ego would soon land a starting job on another CFL team.

That's the only time I have been annoyed by players fooling around.


What kind of leadership should coaches provide?

The pendulum always swings between

tough no-nonsense coaches more easy going players coaches

It's hard to establish the right degree of strictness from coaches

It is great if a team has great leadership among the players

like the 1967 Grey Cup Champion Angelo Mosca speaks of.

I don't understand what the big deal is. The Ticats beat the GC Champs twice at home and got beat in Montreal. It is hard to win a back to back against a good team. Ticats are a competitive football team so is Montreal.

If I cared about his opinion at all, I'd be pretty upset right now. I'm probably the only person on this site who doesn't idolize Mosca, but let's say I'm not his biggest fan.

Great post, Ron, I have to agree completely. I would have an issue if they were goofing off during drills and such, but getting on a player who has messed up or congratulating a guy who has made a good play is a good thing as far as I am concerned. I would be more worried if there were no interaction between the guys.

Best part of that video was seeing Dylan walk into the camera shot lol.

8) That was a real classic for sure, Banshee !! :lol: :wink:

I'm certain Mosca, like all of us here, wouldn't mind if the players goof/joke around during practices if they had an 8-2 record.

Obviously facets of the team need improvement and I gather Mosca is just reiterating that the team needs to focus on these improvements instead of dipcrapping in practice.

Bring home the Cup boys, and I wouldn't care if y'all wore a negligee to a rodeo.

I agree Banshee.....I may respect the "mythical legend" but the real man comes across as a vindictive, angry stool pigeon and rat. He seems to have no respect for others as long as everyone feels sorry for him. He has no "code" and has no business smack-talking retired and dead CFL legends like he did in his new book.....he needs stop trying to run this team and stop chirping to players and telling them what they are and aren't allowed to do. That's the job of the coaches...he tried with Stala but was ignored thankfully.

This new article today makes me sick (not the reporter, but the content)

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Great player and totally respect that and the work he does being seen in the community etc.

But I guess he has issues, maybe wants to be a coach and no one wants him to so he's a bit bitter, I don't know. Don't really care as well but do wish him the best.

I tend to agree in principle with Mosca on this point, but I don't think he has any more wins as a professional coach than anybody posting to this forum. Being a great player doesn't automatically make you a great coach.


Exactly…it’s a competetive league and each team can beat any other team. They are all good ball players who want to win. The salary cap has accomplished parity and that makes it a better brand. Playing .500 ball at this point isn’t a tragedy. Even Winnipeg is being brought back down to earth. We’re still in the thick of things and control our own destiny. All’s good!

I am sorry It all Goes back to our head Coach

who is too nice guy to be a head coach in this league
Obie made a Mistake hiring him

I love how John Hufnagel Coaches and He also the GM

we could get Rid of Obie and Coach B..

Hufnagel is tough something Canadian Coaches Lack.
Wally is one few Exceptions to this

The Cats Can't win on Road do really think where going win to road games in the playoffs


Give your head a Shake..

Mosca played at a different time. You have only to look at all the old video and you will see that the players today are faster, have better equipment and the plays are far more intricate.

I'm not taking anything away from him or what he says...except the leaders today do so differently. Besides...I believe the best leader leads by example not by sermon! :wink: