New US fan can’t watch

Yank who just started watching CFL this season. It’s a good game & a good product. Watched on ESPN2, but tonight it’s on ESPN+. Goofy reason but I can’t submit my $ info to subscribe. So, a night w/ the wife & kids gone - & no CFL. Any way to stream it legally & free?

Checked and ESPN 2 has a NBA draft special with ESPN also following live .

I say make a complaint . We need the US fans to step up .

They hear enough and they will show a live event on like the CFL instead of some NBA talk .

I'm sorry to hear that because you missed a good game.

This service is specifically for people outside Canada:

The squeaky wheel gets the grease .

If US fans want more CFL let the powers that be know .

ESPN needs to know there is a passionate US audience that is vocal .

Worry about the numbers later .

I think that doesn't work in the US though (or the UK) because the league has a deal with ESPN there.

If not that, then the TSN paid service should work for Americans.

This Als/Bombers game is the ESPN2 game of the week . Oh well .

ESPN has not listened to most fans in a very long time. They have been all ears for college football and the NBA and Yankee and Red Sox fans, but everyone else essentially has been told to piss off. They even irked the NFL 15 years ago and have not recovered, for they are stuck with the crappiest game on Monday nights too.

It's been for a very long time about their stupid mostly East Coast agenda and cross-branding their biggest remaining contracts as well weighing in politically, and for some time now they have been eating it in lost subscribers not just due to cord cutters.

I'd like to see the CFL find a new partner in the US, but first I think the massive move to streaming services by both content providers and subscribers has to shake out.

I can't share much here on a legal front. Hint: Reddit

Espn + is so annoying.

For the last two years I've been able to stream every cfl game on Espn3, which isn't cheap. Now paying for Espn3 isn't good enough. You have to get Espn + on top of it if you want to watch the games that aren't on Espn2. Rather than knuckling under, I'm finally going to cut the cord.

Can't do the IP trick like you used to be able to do with Netflix to get on the American one?

I plan to unsubscribe from ALL ESPN services (except what's already provided by my ISP) when the CFL season is over. If they're going to make me pay for multiple channels they'll only get money from me for 6 months of the year.