New Unis: Yay or Nay?

The CFL debuted the New Era uniforms this season. What do you think of them?

They only made a few changes to the Ticats unis, and I don’t like any of them.

No stripes on the pants, no outline on the numbers. Hope they do better next year if they do a full redesign.

I agree. Like the outline on the numbers. Now they look kind of cheap IMO. Wish there was a little more detail on the Argos’ jerseys also.

Lions upgraded for sure especially road .

Need to lose orange pants for home if they wear orange on top .

Argos blue numbers really stand out . Would like to see boat logo on helmet and argo shield they use now on side of shoulder .

Winnipeg , Calgary , Edmonton , Ottawa and Hamilton look the same to me .

Many don’t like Montreal’s new uniforms but for me I like the clean look .

In terms of merchandise thats where you see the difference when there is no stripes etc .

My peeve is the jerseys without numbers look so drab . The numbers added look so much better and wish for the cost just put a number without the name plate of the QB or RB Or popular player your not releasing and sell that at the same cost as without one .

Then to personalize the name or change the number it costs more but put some number on the football jersey . It just not a jersey without a number on it .

Maybe put a past player number or retired number on the jersey not sure the answer but sell it at a reasonable price point .

For reference :

124 pretty high for a white shirt with Toronto on it Versus 184 for something that actually looks like a jersey .

Agree 100%. The Lions’ road unis are a modern take on their classic 1964 Grey Cup glory years. Classic and classy.

Orange pants at home spoil what could be a great look. Not sure what they were thinking. It looks a bit like the awful NFL Thursday night Color Rush. :-[

I like the new uniforms, but they do tend to rip and show wear quite easily. They must be either thinner, or just made of a less durable fabric than previous ones from other companies.

announcers have mentioned it isn’t easy to read the number from their vantage point in the stands

Agree. I wanted to buy some new jerseys, but the price is just too far out of reach. Ordinarily would compromise with a polo shirt, but can’t find that item. Will probably settle for just a hat this year. A shame. I really wanted to gear up.

I like the new uniforms, but they do tend to rip and show wear quite easily. They must be either thinner, or just made of a less durable fabric than previous ones from other companies.

I like montreal’s.

I love my Argos jersey.
19 Green

Yes… those jerseys are so nice that the Argos lost by 50 points in them.

Just my OCD thoughts on the new era with New Era!

Well done! Went from worst to quite possibly best. But, shoulda’ done an orange or white lid; the league has enough black domes.

No change needed. Thank cripes those black, high-schoolish helmets are gone. The red with white horse is iconic.

No change. None needed. Could make the helmet decal larger.

Meh. I like their retros, TBH.

No change. None Needed. Perhaps the sharpest uni in pro football.

Hamilton (my team):
Love the return of the helmet stripe. Wish they’d put a black stripe on the gold pants and get rid of the white and black trousers completely.

WTF? The blue numbers look cool on your ‘practice jerseys’ (and maybe on the rack at Sportchek), but are barely legible on TV. You had great unis. Why did you dump the sleeve stripes? Gawd! They cannot be selling many of these to fans. They’re $200 blue t-shirts!

I’m thinking they’re planning a rebrand for next year. One step back. Two forward. Y’know? Hopefully a return to the boat logo.

Very nice. Calgary East. Just add a red helmet stripe and get your equipment manager to quit putting the decals on the helmets crooked and near the crown. You may have a good thing!

Plus, good job on getting rid of the ‘hashtag’ from the pants. That was just dumb. Maybe work in the plaid a bit.

Maybe a less goofy helmet. A grey or white faceguard. Some blue/white added to the red striping. But… you look pretty good on TV… losing!

Atlantic: Please, no teal!

I’m fine with most of them - most teams made only minor changes, if any.

I do like Montreal’s - they were WAY overdue for a change.

I would like to have seen Hamilton keep the stripe on the pants but I’m getting used to them.

I DO NOT like BC’s home unis - WAY too much black making them look disjointed, Should have forgotten the black sleeve and left it orange or even white with maybe a stripe or two, And they didn’t need to go to a black helmet when there are already two teams in the league that wear black since that’s one on their main colours. I am glad that they got rid of the weird logo on the helmet though - it was like they had two separate logos.

Happy to see Calgary return to the red helmet

As mentioned previously, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg Saskatchewan (Hamilton, Calgary have made only minor changes.

I do think that the number on some uniforms - epecially the lighter coloured numbers, are a bit hard to see from a distance (not a problem on TV) as they appear to have some kind of a sheen on them .

Too much black?? Hahaha, they wear orange jerseys AND orange pants at home. To me, it’s too much orange. Way too much. It’s NFL Thursday night color rush. Need black pants to offset. Orange is good as an accent color (San Francisco Giants) but looks pretty bad as a primary color.

As for the black helmets, they have a long history with black lids - all through the 60s and 70s (they changed to white in 1978, then silver in 1990, then back to white again in 2005).

Don’t forget, in the 70’s brown… BROWN… was used instead of black! Ugh!

Brown and orange only works well on Peanut Butter Cup packaging! Doesn’t work for Bowling Green; doesn’t work for Cleveland.

But, hey, Roy DeWalt to Swervin’ Mervyn was very watchable!

Matter of opinion.

Can not stand the new logo or the uniform.

What is with a crayon red logo on the top of the helmet?

Wish they had of left it alone.

I looked up the history of the Alouette logos. Has the team EVER had a good-looking logo? The fast-moving “A” from 2000 to 2018 looked about the best. I agree it was time for an update, but as said…we couldn’t do better than the red crayon drawing of an upward-flying bird taking a poop?

The A with the crazy bird was way too busy and cartoonish .

Too many letters in this league . R , A , W ,S , BC , EE is enough in a 9 team league .

Actually lots went into the drawing of the new logo . All brands require a simple symbol .

Wasn’t sure myself but after I saw the simple drawing and what was behind it was actually was well thought out and looks sharp .

Great for merchandise and updates it to a clean modern look .

If they can just add numbers onto the jerseys they sell like our NFL brothers and sell for a reasonable price they will sell more .

Again, matter of opinion.

Much preferred the “cartoonish” A logo. Had no problem purchasing merchandise with this logo.

This new Crayon logo, they have lost me along with others I know, as potential customers.