New Unifroms?

I notice that the color of the Helmets and some of the Jerseys tonight were lime green instead of green, and that the Riders are wearing their silver pants more often.

id this in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Riders first Grey Cup?

oh, c'mon rider fans, don't leave me hanging.

The green changed a little bit last year when the new uniforms came out. They wore the silver pants at the start of the year last year, and towards the end of the year when it started getting cooler out switched to the black pants I would imagine they will probably do the same this year. One thing I can't remeber tho is that they may have green pants at their disposal too but I honestly don't remember seeing them.

I noticed that the color of the Riders Helmets was different as well, more lime green than just green, anymore else noticed this?

and I rather have the black pants.

Nope they are the same colour as they were last year, wich they did get a lighter green last year. Too bad you don't like the black pants I think they look awesome with the white or green jersey but I am not the biggest fan of the just plain black jersey they have as a 3rd.

On a side note was they Bombers 3rd kit the throw back ones that I saw earlier this year, new to this year or did they have them before?

Oh, I love the Black pants, I’m all about the Black pants, and I hope they go for a helmet that’s the color of their jeries next season.

they had the Bombers Thirds last season (which are better than our regular home jeries IMO), they introduced them half way though the season when they played BC at home, and WON!!! :smile:

you mean the "baby poo" jerseys?

the Bomber third? no, they rock! and I actually like the Riders Thirds, very old school CFL!

i would love to see green pants