New uniforms

Please go back to the double thin strip down the legs. This was a classy professional look, and in mine and others opinion the best uniform in he CFL and better than most NFL teams. The new pants look like something the cheerleaders should be wearing. The old uniforms looked mean made the team look like they ment business. The new ones resemble a circus outfit. You wouldn't see the steelers with this getup on.
just my 2 cents

The way most of these guys are playing at the moment, they’d probably feel at home in pink tutus.

I like the thick stripe down the pants. The way it continues off of the stripe on the jersey, it's reminiscent of a tiger's tail.

the ticats are not the steelers.

We’d look pretty stupid with the old jerseys if all the other teams had the new ones.

They need new pants that can kick field goals.

How about something predominantly in blue with a white maple leaf on the front?

An Argo fan

Those old pants would look stupid with the new jerseys.

In fact, the yellow pants with the black and white stripe looked stupid with the old black jersey too.

leave the uniforms alone, u all complain way to much, if i was bob id just sell the cats if every1 keeps this up, id say piss on this, y cant u all just be happy

No need to change uniforms. I’d be happy if they just switched the pants on each uniform. Wear white pants with black jersey and black pants with white.

I for one like the black-on-black and white-on-white

I am also for contrasting colours between jerseys and pants. As for pink tutus, a three-game winning streak with that or barrels with straps would be preferable to the current morass. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

why does everyone care what the pants look like. there not there like jerseys you dont go and buy them. how about just getting a few wins that might be better than new pants eh

Hey Oskie oui oui

If they adapt your idea of barrels with straps, they won't need jocks. I love this! Is their anyway we could combine the barrels with pink tutus?

Lighten up!

Have the Cats won since they have wore the white pants?

They dropped 8 in a row last year and the first 3 this season all wearing white pants.

When they got rid of the white pants last year they started to win.

Those hideous white pants seem to be a bigger problem than just being ugly.

Then there's the yellow socks!! Where are the fashion police? :lol: :lol: :o