new uniforms

does anyone else think these current unis are a bit if a joke? look at teams like the stamps, the lions and the tigercats with these so called yolks above the shoulder and they look an absolute mess, what was so wrong with having unis with a clean look that looked the saem whether they we being worn by D-linemen or D-backs? what was wrong with the ticats uniform of the danny mac era? or the stamps unis from the marcus crandell era?

Nothing was wrong with any of the former uniforms, but jersey styles change. It’s not like the Danny Mac era jerseys were the only ones the Tiger-Cats ever wore. By creating a new jersey, fans buy more. That way the team and the league make more money. It could be worse. Soccer jerseys in Europe change every year or two. And once a team gets a new sponsor on their jersey all the fans rush out to buy it. As long as people keep buying jerseys, the look will change so more money can be made.

Plus, Reebok got the jersey contract and wanted to redesign everything. The same thing is likely to happen if Nike (who just acquired the NFL contract) gets the CFL deal. The current deal with Reebok expires in either 2011 or 2012 (I can’t remember which), so we are very likely getting new jersey styles in the not-to-distant future.

P.S. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone refer to a “Marcus Crandell era” when talking about the Stamps.

When I watch the games I normally watch how the plays are exucuted, who had the best play either on offence or on defence. I don't look at how fashionable the uniforms are but I guess people watch the games for different reasons.

i agree with you, the performance is what matters on the field of play but if a fan pays a little attention to whats being worn on the field doesn tmake them any less of a fan,

Looking at the uniforms Nike did for teams in the CIS, I hope they don’t get the new contract. As much as I didlike the RBK jerseys, the Nike ones look more of a mess. Could be worse, I guess, could be like the US expansion era with the big logos on the front of the jerseys. :thdn:

I just hope they return to a style thats simple and clean like the Eskimos, Argos for example

Simpler is better.

if you make just Jersey look busy, it really takes away a lot of the look.

and trust me, lots of people will comment about the style of the uniform!

Riders fans would know after those horrible Belgian curling team knock-offs. :lol:

yea I didn't care for those at all. they're awful looking and I'm so glad they won't ever wear them again...

Let us never speak of them again.... :expressionless:

It was Denmark's teams, not Belgium but I agree those Rider pants were awful. My eyes hurt just thinking about them.


I was okay with the black and red unis for one game (although it did screw with my mind a bit), if only for historical reasons, but those pants were ridiculous.

My bad, it was Norway. Ah well. You guys all knew what I was talking about. :lol: Once you saw those pants, you couldn't unsee them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well on that topic, I really liked most of the retro jerseys this year.
Jersey back then were so sweet.

I hope some teams go back to more of those creative schemes then the cookie-cutter ones we have now.
Having said that, i don't think the jerseys now are all that bad. I just wish they weren't all from the same template.
Like Saskatchewan for example should ditch their current home/away jerseys for their 70s alternate jersey. Much cleaner, sharper imo.

I liked Edmonton's 60s jersey. Didn't care for the 70s jersey.

I actually prefer Edmonton's away jerseys. The home jerseys have too much green, I think. I think the aways look sharp with the white and yellow/gold.

:oops: Well, Norway is closer than Belgium. :wink:

The uniforms were too much like Stamps uniforms but not too bad. It was those pants that were horrible.

:oops: Well, Norway is closer than Belgium. :wink:

The uniforms were too much like Stamps uniforms but not too bad. It was those pants that were horrible.

Funny you say that. The two I thought weren’t great were Edmonton and Toronto.
I actually like the eskimos current jersey. Last years were cool too.

RBK has made many very good jerseys, and some very ugly.
its just up to each individual to buy the ones they like, and up to the teams to wear the ones that are best.

if it was up to me, the riders would always wear the 'safeway' look, both home and away.
the ticats would wear the retro 60's with the current black helmets.
argos would always use their current look.
bombers would wear current look, or retro 70's style.

I agree. I don't like the piping that divides the yoke from the rest of the jersey. Not only that, on the replica jerseys (B.C.'s), this piping does not run across the back like on the authentic jerseys. For 180 bucks they should be identical, except for the material.
It is all marketing. They probably will come up with new designs, maybe colors in a few years from now, so everyone can run out and buy new ones. Why do you think they came up with the third jerseys or even the retros? $$$$. Sorry if I got a little off topic.