New uniforms?

I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not all the teams will be sporting the same Reebok designed jerseys as the past couple seasons? I thought overall they were a little too gimmicky, and I'd like to see more traditional looking uniforms for all the teams. understanding is the Reebok deal was multiyear and so you can expect to see the same unis as last year...

I like the new unies.
Hopefully with the sale of Reebok it won't have a long term effect on the league sponsorship.

I like the old uinforms. The ones from the 80's.

Amerifan thinks 80s is old? Wow. Mind you, I'm so old..........the guy who invented the wheel? I was best friends with his dad.

I'd like to see Montreal go back to the winged helmets of the early 60s.

the current jerseys are the best ( except the current renegades jersey and all these dumb 3rd jerseys )

I think the new unis are great, even the third jerseys. They fit in with "the times" and aren't so plain, but they aren't too busy, either. I love the "current" Gades jersey (I have one for myself). The only thing I'd like to see added is throwback uniforms ... going back to, say, the 50's or 60's.

I like most of the new jerseys, except for the alberta teams. Stamps look like they’re wearin a bib. I think Eskimos should go back to green and GOLD so they don’t look like the Packers so much.

the packers stole the esks the packers should change THIER colours.

i like the esks brighter yellow....the gold of '04 looked dull.

As long as we're talking about uniforms, what I think I would like to see changed the most is how much Saskatchewan uses black in their jerseys.

Over the arms, they have a white-black-white pattern on the green jerseys, and black-green-black pattern on the white jerseys. In both cases, the black is pretty predominant ... The uniforms look so good with silver/grey pants, that I think it would be neat if the Riders went with silver as their third colour, not black. It's not a huge deal, and maybe silver wouldn't contrast against the white enough, but black almost seems out of place over the shoulders ... (I also wish they'd just stop using the black pants! The team colours are green and white, not green and black ... )

In very drummer_god-esque fashiong, Here is what I'm thinking ...

The top right corner is the current version. I didn't think "underlining" the name in white or grey worked, on the top left version.

The bottom right keeps the black trim, but instead of the white highlighting the black (as is the case on the current jersey), the white is highlighted, but trimmed by the black (which, IMO, is the only way the black should be used!)

Maybe I should be in the Riders forum.

But keeping with my dump-the-black theme, here is what a Sask helmet with a grey facemask would look like. (The NFL seems to have a trend of going back to grey facemasks ... For the most part, I don't think they look good (ie, Indy) but then again, most of those teams don't have grey in the logo. Sask's helmet decal is mostly white and grey, and the white facemask, IMO, doesn't look as good as the grey. But the black is decent, although a bit dominating.)