New Uniforms Reveal

Light blue was teased with helmet now official release


Not a great fan of this new baby blue uniforms. But then again nobody asked me my opinion. First preseason game and it a “Yikes” looking at the back up QB’s. Not exactly a big surprise but after Kelly we’s in trouble. If Bo Levi is back to being Bo, the Tiger Cats are going to be tough to beat this year. I still think the Argo will be right there as long as there are no injuries to some key guys. But it could be a step back from last year.

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Feel a little better after watching Dukes and especially Scott in action in the 2nd half. But probably not against Hamilton’s #1 defense. I would say Scott will be the back up as he showed a little more poise and has some pro experience. Little RB McMahon showed some nice moves and could be kept around.

They should wear blue jerseys with white pants, and white jerseys with blue pants. When the jerseys and pants are same colour it’s too much.


Looks like they are trying to create a little buzz which is better than nothing .

They look okay maybe a throw back to a time in the 70’s more than the early 60’s .

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Maybe we will see more throwback stuff like half time shows with marching bands instead of rap or hip hop.

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I am willing to give anything (except black bandwagon) a try
I am quite happy new style is at least more unique even if the very light is different to accept

Well, the uniforms do look quite good. However, MLSE still needs to improve their marketing of the game in Toronto. For example, ask anyone in Toronto what they spend most of their time doing, and they will tell you that it is traveling to and from places. I’d like to see ads for Argos and/or the CFL on TTC Subway or buses and/or GO Trains: especially around York U and U of T and Toronto Metropolitan U Subway stops. I am also quite partial to having a pre-season or regular season Argos game at York University instead of U of Guelph. And, as far as TSN is concerned: they do such a great job with pre and half-time and post game shows, yet, why in the world these are not broadcast live on BMO Field’s big screen so fans in the stadium can watch…that is a complete, complete mystery to me.

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The Argos did have ads on the TTC and on TV, remember all the ads with the Argos running through the Princes Gates?
The CFL also put a lot of money into marketing.
That’s always the same excuse every year, they aren’t marketing enough. All problems can be solved by more marketing.
Yet it’s not true at all, along with the ads on TTC, TV etc they had the seat sales, the $5 beers the concerts and pre-game parties at the Shipyard, the bobble head nights, the half time concerts, the free pre-season games for school kids, the Argos in the schools program, their donations to minor football.
What more do you want? the list goes on, and despite all the marketing they cant improve attendance.
It’s the same old story, no matter how much you market you are not going to get young people to see the Argos as major league.
As for not showing the game on the big screen, yes that sucks, every stadium does that.

What more do I want?

  1. I did not see any players holding or walking the Grey Cup through any TTC stations where…as you know…most people are? Great photo op.

  2. What about a campaign where the Grey Cup is taken by Argo players to select Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee…drink out of the Grey Cup…and Tims customers could have picture taken with Argo players and Grey Cup.

More simple…on the ground…grass roots marketing like in politics…less reliance on pure media marketing which the other pro sports (and NFL) can destroy the CFL at with bigger budgets. Politicians stand in front of TTC Subway stations looking for votes at election time…Argo players can’t stand with the Grey Cup in front of TTC stations looking for fans? Cost is not high. Time is not intense. And it is focused.


Exactly - grassroots. I remember hearing an ad for some team and it sounded desperate. Something like “Come to our game. It’s a good entertainment value.”
People don’t want to go to something because they perceive it as a good value, as if they were grocery shopping. They want to feel a part of something larger.
This summer I’m going to Portland. While there, I’ll attend a Timbers MLS game. I hear they pretty much sell out. Fans have created a grassroots movement that involves traditions that have grown over the years. They also take part in charitable endeavors. Although I don’t follow soccer, I’m excited to experience this. Perhaps, as you suggest, this is the direction the Argos need to go.

You sound like me. I’ve been saying that for years.

I agree. I liked the combination for the Montreal game.

Interesting tidbit about sales of the new look . . . not sure what the previous record was, but any improvement is a positive.


They’re ugly!!! As bad as the Seattle seahawks all lime green monstrosities…Perhaps, that’s where the argos got the idea!!!

I would wager they got the idea to go “light” or Cambridge blue as it’s been part of the double blue’s identity for 150 years, just a guess.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions though but they seem to be selling well as you can see plenty of them around BMO Field. Also, I personally like them quite a bit.

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