New Uniforms, Logo, Helmet and Jersey Reactions

Seeing how there is 2 or so threads on the Reebok Teaser and a topic from 2010 about Jerseys figured with the new digs coming out in a week we can make this the offical topic for reaction to all new 8 uniform designs and possible Logo overhauls heres a start...

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Liking the Vintage logo although some consider it plain its a solid design hopefully the Jerseys follow suit, among the bombers I hope the Riders and Ticats go back to there vintage uniforms (moderinzed) IMO I feel BC should keep a similar design, Toronto and Montreal need a complete change. Glad CFL is moving forward in Jersey technology, its not just about he design they should be tighter and better ventalation.

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Here's a close-up picture of the Blue Bombers Logo/Helmet design in the link above which looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Jerseys for all the teams as well; Edmontons road Jersey is the one that has me intrigued.

I'm curious about the road jerseys too. Joe Pascucci at Global Wiinipeg tweeted that he heard the Bombers won't be wearing white on the road.

I know the Argos are having a big thing here and as a season ticket holder we have been invited to the unveiling on May 1.
I just hope all of the new unies will be available everywhere in all of the big chain stores throughout the country, wouldn't that be a refreshing concept?

Wow… I don't know why they would go back to that logo. It's so unoriginal. A "W", great. Maybe I'm being too critical but the logos in this league suck. Every one of them besides the Stamps and Ticats are letters, and the Stamps logo isn't even that great (I'm liking the Calgary Sun style logo though). I understand it represents tradition and I don't want to offend any Blue Bombers fans, but besides the CFL being the greatest sports league ever we have the most boring logos, and winnipeg just contributed to that. Look at the logos in the NFL and NHL.

I realize a lot of people aren't going to like what I just said, but I don't mean any offense and I respect every city and club's traditions, I just REALLY don't like these basic letter logos.

EDIT: I don't understand why some teams need to change their logos every 10-15 years. Also saskfan, I suggest we use the threads already active. No point in creating yet another tread for the purpose of having one thread. It defeats the purpose.

That would be nice, wouldn't it? Odds are, though, that we won't see them here in Ottawa, at least for a year or two. No CFL team means no interest in the CFL, according to the stores here it seems. SportChek carries CFL jerseys, according to their website, but I have yet to see any in the stores here.

I saw the return to the old logo and I have to say...I'm not a fan. I mean, at least the Argos have the shield, the Roughriders have the Field and Wheat boarder and the Esk's link the E's, so at least there is a little character (I'll also say, I can't really see a good Edmonton Eskimos logo utilizing an Eskimo)

However, a plain white W is pretty much as boring and uninspired a logo you can get, especially when you could have made some kind of giant flying bomber plane logo (see Windsor Spitfires and Houston Aeros) and maybe to the backdrop of the RCAF roundel that you wouldn't have to put on the helmets.

Then again, what the heck do I know, I prefer the new Tiger-Cats logo. :wink:

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Yes, this is exactly what I mean. There are five logos with letters and they have some design to them, boring but at least there's some character. But the "W" is like you say as uninspired as you can get and doesn't do Winnipeg justice. Look at the Jets new logo, now THAT is sybolic, historical, and has plenty of character. None of the current CFL logos really incorporate that with some originality except the tiger-cats (unbiased opinion).

The reactions on Facebook to the "new" Bombers logo are quite funny. "I like the old logo better" vs. "I like that they went with the old logo." You can almost tell the age of the people from their comments. Half the posters don't seem to realize that the white W was their logo for longer than the what they think of as the old logo.

I actually like it from a tradition perspective (ok, you can now tell how old I am), even if it is boring. But I wouldn't want the Ticats to follow suit with a TC on the helmet (or the players' numbers?) except maybe as a special single game retro look.

I'd also add, perhaps, maybe something to the effect of an angry falcon or hawk with the old style bomber hats, diving down down, whilst under aircraft fire.

I'm not crazy about the simple letters either (like the Argos retro "A"), but I like the current "A inside a porthole" logo. It's simple and distinctive, and it reflects the team's name and history (nautical theme, with double blue).

It's not just the CFL that has boring letter logos, though. The Giants, Bears, Bengals, Chiefs, 49ers, Titans, and Packers all have letter logos, and some other logos are pretty basic, such as the Cowboys and the Colts. The Browns don't even have a logo. The Yanks and the Canadiens have very simple logos too, just a couple of stylized letters.

I have an aversion to the Sun chain of newspapers (for non-sports things, anyway), so I don't really approve of that look for the Stamps.

I do like the Argos logo. I think the Argos and Roughriders have done a good job stymieing their logos (I love the Argos boat logo much more and they need to go back to that). But really my beef is that the cats are the only team with a rather artistic logo. I’d like to see more logos like the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelpia Eagles, Pittsburg Penguins, Edmonton Oilers; at least with teams like the Lions, Bombers, and Alouettes.

I said in another thread the reason I like Calgary’s new logo is because it adds some much needed colour while keeping the simplicity. Not every logo has to be busy, and not every logo can’t be a letter, but a few CFL logos are not too well thought out in my opinion.

Only 3 of 30 teams in MLB have logos that are more than just letters. 27 logos are letters or words.

See, I forgot baseball teams even had logos! :wink:

To be fair, I can’t really see it being very easy to redesign a logo for the 49ers, or the Packers, given their name. It’s kind hard to make a Cheese Packer or a Gold Miner impressive. The Chiefs at least have arrow around the KC, the Titans have the meteor look, the Bengals don’t really have a logo just stripes, although they have the alt tiger head logo. The bears, well there’s no excuse (although they have a bearhead alt logo) and the Giants, once again hard to do right (being just a guy although Vancouver managed).

maybe they will be wearing Gold on the road like their 3rds

I hate, hate, hate their gold retros they had. Why on earth do they want to look like this...

This must be A Photo of a "JELLO" EvilDoctor :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad they went old school. Retros are almost always nicer, coicidentally I guess. I also like simplicity. Overall, I think this is an upgrade over the lightning bolt, but I'd like to see the new jerseys to see how the logo and helmet complement the rest of the uniform.

As a CFL fan in the US,
my only concern is when a CFL uniform looks too similar to an existing NFL or NCAA uniform.

When CFL games are actually shown on TV down here,
that makes it even more difficult for me to "sell" the league to my American friends.

Of course, I have to hear stuff like "They look just like the Packers"
or "They ripped-off the Washington Huskies design", etc.