New Uniform Suppliers 2019...

Who would you like to see in as the new uniform suppliers league
wide as we begin our Grey Cup defense in 2019 ?

A couple ideas;
Under Armour
Big Baller Brand, (yes i actually saw someone suggest this lol)

What do you think ?

Not familiar with all listed, but I'd take a chance on any of them leading to better Hamilton unis.
Those tiny top of shoulder numbers and the itsy-bitsy tiger above the stripes look bad, and weak, to my eyes. Don't real tigers have stripes on their legs, and heads, too?

Fair enough!

I've always been BIG on trying to get at least an alternate
jersey that is actually TIGER themed. Think it would sell very well.
Not necessarily Bengals style, but something close, (i.e. tiger stripes down the sides of
the jerseys and pants.)

Have been hearing some odd rumors on the subject...

"Be on the look out for a big name brand but non-traditional apparel company to be the next sponsor." -Donnovan Bennett Sportnet Football guy. It's unclear here obviously who he is talking about, but
this could be disastrous if it goes wrong. Ambrosie deserves the benefit of any doubt though so far,
he's done well, let's see who he gets on board. I would love Under Armour!

Donnovan Bennett's comment is interesting. I'm guessing that means a company that doesn't typically do sports apparel (not apparel in general). Roots? The Bay? They've both worked with the Canadian Olympic teams in the past.

Roots would be a great designer of Uniforms.

Outside the box, I wouldn't mind seeing CCM grab it. I know they predominantly do hockey apparel, but there is something to be said about a Canadian company supplying for the CFL.

That said, my guess would be Nike. I figure the CFL has a lot of talk with the NFL and getting Pro Football entirely branded by the same company makes sense.

I vote to buy them from any supplier that does not come from a country that has started a senseless trade war with Canada, declared us to be a national security threat, and vowed to punish the people of Canada for no particular reason.

(Too political?)

You got most of it wrong...but ya, too political. ;D

I fully agree with you, but yes...too political.

Apart from CCM, I don't know of another Canadian apparel company that would do jersey's. The only other company I know would be Inaria, but they only do soccer and I don't think they are big enough to meet the CFL's needs.

I honestly agree that Nike will probably be the new supplier but to be honest...with all the problems of the USA and Canada tariff fiasco I would like us to stick with a truly Canadian company to do our CFL jerseys. We need to keep the employment in Canada. I'm so sick of America and all this tariff issues. Just saying.


I absolutely HATE the Nike TNF unis - you know, those monochrome monstrosities.

Second that .

Sources say La Senza's going to be supplying the unis next year.

Correction, wrong league. My apologies...

I like the CCM idea and agree that using a Canadian company makes sense. I'd even like to see a departure to a football jersey with hockey-like graphics. Make it truly Canadian!

I really hope that the new uniform supplier goes away from having the team or city name written above the numbers:

The Alouettes' jerseys both home and away are particularly bad in this regard:

I mean why do fans need to be told whose jersey they're viewing? It should be obvious from the team colours and logo.

I also hate the half stripes on the sleeves of teams such as the Argonauts and the Blue Bombers.

What are they trying to do, save money by skimping on the length of the stripes or something?

Moreover it's always nicer when stripes are a different colour of fabric as opposed to painted/screen printed on the jersey.

Am I being trivial? Well let's put it this way. Between my spouse and I, we now have nearly forty CFL jerseys. If I don't like the new jerseys, I won't be buying them.


Agree about the team/city name on the front, I think it looks stupid.

The half-stripes are probably for practical reasons. The actual game-worn jerseys get custom-altered for each player, and because shoulder mobility is such a big issue, the underarm area is probably one of the most frequently tailored. Paint/printing in the underarm area would create unneeded hassle in tailoring. Plus paint/printing can change the performing characteristics of the fabric and affect the reach/comfort of the player if it's in the underarm area.

Stitching different fabric for stripes would drasitically increase manufacturing costs, and would still share the practical concerns above.