New Uni......

....Got a look at the the new Bomber uniform design today......ouch....don't like it...Somebody better get on this and have it redone...Maybe i'm a little too particular but i'm hearing that a lot of Bomber fans are not enthralled with the new look...Whoever came-up with this should be checked for their credentials :thdn: :roll:

I was expecting a more classic look based on all the talk about going back to the classic W, etc. But regardless I still like what they've done. A more solid colour on the sleeves rather than the tricolour look might have been better but it has a bit of an edgy look to me to go along with their swag. Maybe that was done to distance it more from what the NFL rams are wearing.

...I hope they grow on me wolverine....I think they could have done a better job on the sleeves BUT I'll wait till i see our guys on the field in full gear, before i condemn them all together...We'll see :roll:

They said they had gotten two of three requisites so far. One of those was what the fans wanted. What? Not close to what I was expecting but I guess there isn’t much we can do about it.

We will have to wait for the retros.

Personally I like them and a lot more people like them than not from what I can tell.

I’ll wait until I see them on the field but, have to admit I’m not optimistic.