New UK fan - rules questions

Hi guys,

I’m new to the boards and from the UK, and I’d appreciate it if anyone out there could answer these questions about the kicking game in the CFL:

After reading the rules I understand that kicking the ball in open play is perfectly legal! And it can be recovered by anyone in the kicking team who was behind the ball when it was kicked.

Does this mean that a ball carrier can dribble the ball soccer-style, even beyond the line of scrimmage, and then pick the ball up and carry on running?

Could a player punt the ball high into the air (like a ‘garry owen’ in rugby), and field his own kick for a new 1st down?

Also, can a one point rouge be scored from a punt?

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Tough question.
1st question. In theory he can but keep in mind he starts 14 yards behind the line of scrimmage and there is no way he could do it successfully because anyone could jump on the ball or him.

2nd Yes he could in theory but that but catching it on the fly will never happen. He does happen when the ball bounces and the receiving team hesitates.

3rd yes a single is awarded for punts!

Hello Mike form the UK welcome to the board!Regarding your first question,a ball carrier could dribble the ball soccer style but this would be very risky as to control the football is very difficult and could be picked up by the defense.secondly,the punter,and only the punter,can punt the ball and recover it for a first down provided enough yards were gained for the first down.other team member can t get the ball because the is a 5 yard radius around where the ball lands.and thirdly you can get a point on a punt if the ball goes through the endzone or the receiving team concedes the point in the endzone by kneeling.i hope this answers your questions !GO CATS GO!!!!!

  1. possible, but why would you? the ball doesn't have the bounce an Australian Football or Rugby ball has, and he would have a great risk of losing it.

  2. Yes, it can be done, but it's better for an onside team mate to recover the ball. (like the Calgary/BC game in 2004, which was done right, but call back by a lame call)

  3. yes

Just to correct you a little, on a normal punt play that is correct as nobody lines up behind the punter. However, there are plays where there ARE players behind whoever is punting the ball as ANYONE can punt the ball at any time on any play. For example, it's third and long and the qb makes a short pass, the reciever looks up and realizes he will not make the first down before being tackled... he can punt the ball downfield and now a good half of the team is behind the punter and therefore onside, not subject to the no yards rule and able to recover the punt which if it went far enough would mean a first down... even a touchdown if the ball makes it to the endzone.

KK what does the bounce of the ball have to do with anything?

Maybe KK should explain his AP to him and really confuse him!! :lol: On second thought, that would be cruel and unusual punishment!

1 more thing. There would be no reason for the punter to dribble like in soccer. He could just run with it

This is the correct answer Mike in UK.
I'd like to see coaches use this rule more often but I guess they think its to risky or the their import players would be to confused.
The last time I remember this working was Matt Dunnigan's Stampeders and then Jake Ireland dis-allowed it. Now with the replay the referees could get it right as to who was onside and who wasn't.

I think he means that a Canadian ball will bounce less predictably than an Aussie football or rugby ball (which are more 'round'), thus less chance of successfully recovering the ball.

Cheers for your help guys! I realise that I might never see the scenarios that I opened the thread with, but it's nice to know they ARE legal. Makes CFL a lot more fun than the NFL!

Too true, the CFL is more fun and exciting to watch than the No Fun League.

Hey Mike, what part of the UK you from? Im going to Malsburry this summer(south of england) to see some family...


yeah, at it;s no madatory like Basketball

you guys deleted my post. :lol:

but the French calling the 2 point converti "Transformation" is ture. and I do want to call thr AP, the Transformation Converti.

there is one fatal flaw in your argument. starting alal offensive series facing essentially 2nd and 10 MUST lead to more punting. and there is no play more boring than the punt.and starting all series off 2nd and 10 maenas that the game totally deemphasizes running the ball. running is p[art of thegame. all pass, no run, no defense is not ideal in my opinion. and i see this argument constantly, that the cfl is more exciting than the nfl.i dunno. has anyone looked up the average points per game scored in nfl games v cfl gamess? i don't know what the answer is, but i'd bet that there is not siginificantly more points scored in cfl games.

CFL is more points scored, advarage NFL score is some like 14 to 7, CFL is like 22 to 21.

and just cuz their is three downs, which is better IMO, doesn't mean the running game doesn't happen, it's pass happy, but there is alot of running by the RB, HB, and QB. and the D has it's advatages, and can stop or intercept the ball.

CFL game is BETTER, nuff said.


No, that's not "ture".

A "transformation" is a kick for an extra point.

A "converti" is a pass play or a run play for an extra 2 points.

A "transformation converti" would then be a shemale-kinda play worth 1.5 point where the kicker would boot the ball to a receiver or something.

well, the AP replaces the Transformation, but is worth the same (being the 2 point conversion in most aspects), so it's a converti, but has the points of a transformation. Thus, "Transformation Converti"

see, I have it figured out, although a French translation of "Extra Point Try" would be better, like Single and Rouge.

and it would be cool if a player could kick the ball to a receiver in the end zone for the conversation, I don't think it's against the rules but I wouldn't recommend it.

BTW, everyone:

Sambo has opened the door for Option #1, so don't blame me, but let's get back to the topic ASAP.

14 to 7 my a-ss. that is assinine. the average nfl team ,a nd i mean t+he middle of the pack team, averages about 22 points per game. the top teams average about 28-30 points, the worst teams about 16 points. get your facts straight.

to nygiants: As much as i hate CFL bashers, i hate NFL bashers too. I understand that you dont like punts(and who doesnt.. in the NFL! In the CFL there is no fare catch and thus its like a kick-off return and this is what i like about it. Maybe if you lived in a CFL city you would see that some stuff thats not so great in the NFL(punts, the coaches challenge that ruins the pace of the game which btw has now been implemented in the CFL and im not too happy about it) And btw dont hesitate to bash us if we get some NFL facts wrong lol cuz some of us here are too reserved understand that there ARE MANY great games in the NFL.

i like all football. cfl, nfl, ncaa. well, other than arena ball or nfl europe, i don't have much interest in that. my favorite is ncaa football. can you possibly have had a more exciting game than the texas-usc championship game? people here go on and on about the wide open cfl game v the nfl. i think the size of the field and all of that have little to actually do with it. college football is very wide open, you have some top teams rushing, rushing mind you, for 300-400 yards a game on average. the top rushing team in the nfl is lucky to average 160 yards a game. the reason that nfl games can appear tight is because of the highly sophisticated defenses. and the offenses do not allow a qb like vince young to run for 200 yards a agame like he did at texas. so the nfl is coached much differently than ncaa games. the field is the same size. 4 downs, not 3. but the game is very different. i'm just saying that cfl fans should not over emphasize the rules differences when comparing the cfl to the nfl.the nfl could be and sometiomes is (ever watch the colts?) as wide open as the cfl, its just thaat most of the coaches are very conservative by nature.