New UFL Jerseys are UGLY!!!

Those things are TERRIBLE!

I think they're just being used during this "trial season".

God I hope so!

They are ugly!

The locomotives...heh what a terrible name is there even a train station into Las Vegas ?

I don’t know man, I think the California Redwoods might be hearing from the lawyers for the Orlando Thunder!

  • paul

man...kill this league now...

californias one reminds me of sea weed! :wink:

I don't mind Tuskers. As long as they kept the away colour white and not lime green hahah

Now THAT'S bush league.
Why base your entire league's (I know there's only 4) jerseys on one colour scheme.

Anyone know if each team is it's own entity or does the league own all 4 teams?

It look's like 1 team's jersey just 4 variations of it. A home, an away, an alternate, and a retro.

I hate every team being modeled after the same design

I was against it even when the CFL did it, but at least they have solid colour schemes

I looks like the UFL jerseys were designed by Alyssa Milano (Although, I'd actually automatically respect them if they were)

the california jersey is the only one that i question the colour of. i find it wierd that we havent seen any team logo’s yet, doesn’t their season start in about a month? are they all going to have the ufl logo on there helmets? blank helmets?

Yes, and it's a dump !!!

Ya, and they all have the same # too!

Loved the unis of the old Birmingham Barracudas and Memphis Mad Dogs. Anyone know if I can buy one anywhere?

I dont think there that bad...

You're either 14 years old or you've had waaaaaay too many Carlings tonight!

19 and there bright and flashy thats what I like.