New UFL good fit for Lumsden?

The UFL is supposed to be starting up in October with a 6 game schedule...

6 games!

Wouldn't that be the perfect fit for Jesse Lumsden?

(and here come the insults...............)

The UFL is signing some big names. JP Losman from the Bills is going to play in the UFL.
If they are paying the big bucks they are going to sign some good players.

They signed JP Losman to a 1 year contract. I'm not too worried.

A 6 game season, only 2 REAL home games, each team 50% owned by the league...


But any competition to the NFL is good in my eyes. I like to cheer for underdogs.

Each team 50 % owned by the league, well, that should get some David Braley'ish headlines I'm sure. :wink:

Lumsden can barely last 10 mintures let alone 6 games lol. All the credit in the world to the guy, but he's WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too injury prone.

How is Losman a big name? The guy cant read defences at all, absolutely brutal.

I remember watching him last year when he did start and saying that he wouldnt even make it as a third stringer in this league.

I think his shoulder is now finished because of trying to play through his shoulder injury last year which probably caused perminant damage. Our team doctors should never have cleared him to play, same thing with Maas a few years ago.

Big names?

I don't think J.P. Losman is a big name. Who else have they signed that's a big name?

David Naylor's latest column offers his take on the UFL and he briefly recounts other previous U.S. professional football leagues that are now defunct:

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On what planet is JP Losman a big name.


The UFL will collapse even faster than Lumsden did this season.

JP Losman is an average qb in any league I think.

Hey I didn't say JP Losman was a great player or any player of note. I said he was a "big name"
why do you think he shortened it to JP!!! the name was just too big. Hence a big name player.

I'm not sure how Lumsden could play in the UFL, its a 6 game season and every year he gets put on the 9 game injured list.

Is the UFL a touch league?

Losman had limited success in Bufflo, however I think he would make a great CFL QB.
Big name or not he is the biggest name that the UFL has signed to date.

Lumsden would play 3 games in this league, tops!

Half a season!

Not bad!

The UFL makes the XFL look like a brilliantly managed recipe for football evolution.
From what I've seen and read, it'll be lucky to get a full season in.

4 teams
6 games
neutral site games
in the middle of the NFL season
it's on Versus

All of this is a recipe for disaster. They have some good coaches in place but the league will fail.

The only good thing the league has going for it, is that there will be about 5 games left in the NFL season once it's over and anyone who has injury problems can bring one of these guys in.

A league who has JP Losman as their "star player" is in huuuge trouble.