New type of playoff system...get one more team in?

Obviously, this will not work with the current number of teams in each division…that would mean that the fourth (aka last) place team would secure a spot in the playoffs :lol: . This would only happen if there were at least 5 teams in each division down the road, the earliest possible being when ottawa (and moncton?) join the cfl and winnipeg is moved to the west. This would be a great idea because it would allow for true underdog stories in the cfl (who wouldnt want to watch a grey cup with a team that originally started at the bottom seed of the playoffs). This whole system would add one more game to the system today, meaning that there would be 3 game splayed within each division before the grey cup. Also following the current sustem, the first game would have the 4th place team vs 3rd place, second game winner of 1st vs 2nd place team etc. Wouldnt this be a great idea down the road?

i say no
3 teams per side
not having the odd man out will help stabalize fan bases when a team loses out…they are not “that team”

1st place ultimately gets 2 bye weeks? I would pass on that reward for finishing first in the division.

no need for 80% of the teams to be in the playoffs anyway, I think the CFL can go to 10 or even 12 teams without adding any more playoff games

80 percent of the teams in the playoffs is fine with me, it really puts the pressure on all teams to make the playoffs, you don’t want to be one of the 20 percent that don’t, no way, compared with if 50 or 40 percent only make the playoffs, that’s easier to justify to your fan base and promotes more mediocrity perhaps. Also, it ups the ante to win more Grey Cups per time period, one GC win in a 6 year career won’t cut it compared with a 30 team league where no championship in a 6 year career is just par for the course, no big deal.

Milt Stegall, what 13 years in the league and no ring, it can happen even to the best.

I'd leave the playoffs as is, even with 10 teams. The only thing I'd change with 10 teams is to eliminate the crossover. Three per side. That gives you a good playoff run without trivializing it, and it's kind of a joke right now that the Argos could still make the playoffs.

In a way that's hurting them. They need to give up on this season and start rebuilding if they're going to go anywhere in the future.

Awful idea, fans will lose interest in the regular season. The playoff races will create huge excitment and ensure the last 6 games of the reg.season mean something. The 1st place team gets a bye ,whats the point of finishing first if the 2nd place team can play you in the 1st round? Finishing 1st in a 18 team schedule should mean something and so should making the playoffs.

Similar sentiments here...
Once (or if) we get to a ten team league, the top three in each division should proceed to post season on the merits of divisional rankings.
No crossover.
A bye for 1st as usual

perfect setup IMO. And 60% of the deserving teams are awarded playoff contention.

I do agree with 80% of the league's teams getting in being wrong...but its still basically the same now with 75% of the teams getting in in a 8 team league. BUT...this new system would not haveto be implemented as soon as we hit 10 teams...if WAAY down the road when halifax and (pray...) quebec city join the cfl it would make sense to add a 4th playoff game, allowing 75% of the teams to get in which would be the same as staying with the current system. One thing that always bothered me about the win-two-and-your-in format of the cfl playoffs is exactly just seems like any team has an equal chance of getting in as all that is needed for a 3rd place team to go to the grey cup is a lucky 2-game winning streak, something we see ALL the time in the regular season. Adding an additional game would make it harder for these lucky teams, and therefore would award the real 1st place team a ticket to the big game.

The argument could very be legitimately made that there's too many teams in the playoffs as wee speak. When this league moves to 10 teams, keep the same playoff format as we currently have with the two divisions, just get rid of the crossover and I'll be happy.

Even 60% playoff success rate could be argued to be to much, but I'd be fine with it.

Too many teams in already.

If we did have a 10 team league, in addition to the current top 3 teams in each conference advancing to the playoffs, we could also have a playoff game between the 2 worst teams in lingerie. The losers would have to wear their "uniforms" in the Grey Cup pride parade :lol:


And they can wear the LFL unis!