Here they are folks:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Keep on winning- rolling into the playoffs. Home field advantage feels good. Kerry Joseph just might edge out whatshisname from Vinterpeg.

  2. BC Pussycats- Won ugly in Hamilton. Jarius is hurt, Bucko is done, Dave D. is insane. The Leos might not have a qb for the playoffs!!

  3. Toronto Argos- Pinball is the man. Defence is the game. Toronto looked like the centre of the universe last week - wow 40,000 CFL fans - well done Toronto. I guess everyone has given up on the Maple Laughs already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Winterpeg- Coach is wearing them down. The Bombers are coming down on their roller coaster ride this season.

  5. Calgary Stumpeders- Stumped again- which team will show up this week. What an unpredictable bunch of yo-yo's. Talent on paper is huge. The horse that runs after touchdowns is even confused. Henry needs a who methinks!!

  6. Montreal Als- gritty win after an emotional week. But I think that is all she wrote for the Als. They are spent and going nowhere fast. The team has deteriorated from a powerhouse to a middle of the road team.

  7. Edmonton- city of has beens- sad, sad spectacle to see the once mighty Eskimos out of the playoffs again. Fans must be looking for doe-doe bird holes in the ground to hide their heads. Danny M. will be fired.

  8. Hamilton Caseless Ti-Cats- Casey has struck out worse than the Colorado Rockies did in the World Series. He is lost, a deer in headlights, wishing he was back holding a clipboard and getting paid for it without injury of body and pride in K.C. Sad for the very loyal and vocal Ti-Cat fans who have nothing to shout about or even whisper about. Sad, sad, sad. Bring back Angelo Mosca, Garney Henley, JOe Zuger, John Barrow, and Tommy Joe Coffey. They might give you better results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

  9. Ottawa Roughriders- Who knows, maybe we'll see them again at Frank Clair, or, am I just wishing for a Field of Dreams story with Russ Jackson coming out of the cornfields whispering "... where is Ronnie Stewart?? where is Whit Tucker!!"

  10. Little Flower Academy Girls School- gave Hamilton a run for their money but ran out of steam. :roll:

You heard it here first - Marty York is suggesting League MVP = Kerry Joseph!!!!!!!!
an exellent choice in my humble opinion.

Winterpeg should have nominated their little running back.

nonsense...(not trying to be funny here)if you went on stage for amature night youd come off covered in rotten tomatoes. Plus your bias is always waaaaay too prevalent. Sorta pukey as its not even in sticking up for yourself or your team.


Back to shcol CFLgameanyone and take a spelling and grammar course- your sentences are difficult to understand. However, you are entitled to your opinion and I accept your criticism, but, YOU'RE WRONG!!!
Good day
Riders Rule

Turkey...take note:

I dont want to hurt you.

However I would like to see the 'man' we call Turkey. Halftime at the Argo game, no beers, no jeers?


Cmon Turkey...I want an answer man. Please dont hide now. Just a friendly meeting under the stands or something?


Lord... deserve this then Turkey...




My goodness cflwannabe, you got some talent there. You should enter Canadian idol or do a duet at the local karoke bar with Brittany Spears. Evidently you know your music, but alas, not your football.
Riders Rule
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  • …save a seat for ya at the Grey Cup victory parade in any town in Saskatchewan. You name the town and I’ll be there for you with the champagne.
:thup: :cowboy: :rockin:

As he spells school wrong. Priceless.

Turkeys rankings blow, no mention of a narrow victory against Edmonton...surprising.

Little Flowers Academy....Hilarious!

I think Little Flowers should have been ranked ahead of both Hamilton and Edmonton this week, but whatcha gonna do?

You are right Arius! :wink: :wink:

Turkey, you need to recalculate the bottom three teams! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: