New TurkeyRankings

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- look like the strongest team in the CFL right now. Joseph is marvellous!

  2. BC Pussycats- Hanging around with sloppy wins. Playoffs will be real test. If they win the West and have to wait around for the playoff game they could fizzle due to rustiness!!!

  3. Calgary Stamps- If Burris is back they are the wildcard team who can beat anyone on a given day. Playing in Regina will be tough if the Riders finish 2nd but the Stamps will be inspired based on the memory of last years home loss in the playoffs to the Riders.

  4. Winnipeg Boo-Birds- Give the ball to Charles Roberts. Forget the rest.

  5. Toronto Argues- defence will take them as far as they can or Pinball needs to come out of retirement!!

  6. Montreal Over-the-hills- An old team with uninspired coaching. They are in trouble.

  7. Edmonton Has-Beens- It is over for the second year in a row. New coach next season.

  8. Hamilton- Big mistake pumping all that money in Casey Printers direction. He needs experience and discipline and he will fail with the Ti-Cats.

  9. Ottawa Roughriders - can't seem to win their first game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

Still undefeated!!!!!

The only thing more predictable that Turkeys rankings are death and taxes.

Hey Turkey
Always entertaining, but tell just how much better is a 38 to 11 win over the Tabbies is compared to a 37 to 26 win over the Eskimos?

You missed one Turkey....Even the Ottawa Renegades have a better record than SFU over the last three years!

Ah, Turkey, you laid an egg on this one.

At 12/3/1 it would seem the Leos are at the top of the heap.

gosh- SFU - what a sad story that program has become. They keep hiring the wrong head coach. They all need to see the movie Braveheart!!


Sad doesn't begin to describe that mess.

I think Johnson will eventually turn that around....but who knows.

Quite a bit?
I could be wrong, but I don't think the 'Smos are any better than Hamilton minus Ricky Ray.
And the 37-26 score flattered BC, while 38-11 may have flattered the Ti-cats.

I think Calgary maybe should be behind Winnipeg on the Turkey list, and the undefeated Renegades maybe a little higher, but the rest seem reasonable.

Hey Turkey, congrats on surviving another Thanksgiving! Who is first in the west?

With the way the Als have been playing, I think I'd put Ottawa ahead of them...