new TurkeyRankings

Here goes again:

  1. CBC crew for Stamps / Riders game. Sound was marvellous in first half. Finally, Walby shut up!

  2. BC Pussycats- still winning- amazing but when will luck run out.

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- every game is a home game as more vocal fans are RIder fans. Where are the posters who predicted Riders would finish last in West now?? Joseph continues to impress without Dominguez.

  4. Toronto Argos- will win the East as Winterpeg falters.

  5. Winterpeg Boo-Birds- faltering fast

  6. Montreal Als- something is missing this year. Not feared as before

  7. Edmonton- City of has beens- a disaster on the field - without Ricky Ray = hopeless

  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- sad story this year. Printers looks like a frightened contestant on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

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6 1/2- Calgary Stamps- looked better with Sankey at the helm.

More like dancing WITHOUT the stars.


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Best ranking you've ever made!

Casey needs Finnegan!